Modern Interior Design by Sandra Benhamou

Sandra Benhamou founded her agency in Paris in 2010 after a first life in the cinema. From her passion for the 7th art, she keeps a sharp sense of direction and the art of making objects, styles and periods interact.

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Sandra Benhamou

Sandra Benhamou imagines cultured interiors where contemporary art and design, vintage furniture and unique pieces are combined. As a collector and art market expert, her well-informed eye brings her to put works in tension, with curiosity and accuracy, avoiding the museum-like. Thus, furniture from the 1970s can rub shoulders with contemporary photography and pieces by Italian artists such as Gio Ponti and Carlo Scarpa for whom Sandra Benhamou has great admiration. This attention to objects, to the marriage of influences and currents brings, whether it is a luxurious Parisian flat or a house in Normandy, a singular and non-conformist narrative to the interiors imagined by this self-taught artist.

Sandra Benhamou Uniqueness

Whether it is a public project or a high-end residential project, Sandra Benhamou imagines eclectic atmospheres, punctuated by a hint of femininity, where light plays a key role. She breaks with codes with an uninhibited instinct, loves the play of contrasting materials and draws her inspiration from history to reveal the aura of a place. Sandra Benhamou strives to refine each line of the scenario with a great sense of detail, distilling her talents as a decorator to create refined and expressive worlds.

Modern Interior Design by Sandra Benhamou

Portland Place, London

Modern Interior Design by Sandra Benhamou-Portland Place, London
Sandra Benhamou

An open living area can allow better circulation at home. But in order to create different spaces with different feelings, the interior designer uses distinguishes colour palettes. In this living room, the use of blue tones brings tranquility, serenity, harmony and spirituality, symbolising water, sky and infinity.

Rue Lille, Paris

Modern Interior Design by Sandra Benhamou - Rue Lille, Paris
Sandra Benhamou

In this dining room, a red switch is paired with pale blue walls giving all the modernity the place deserve. With these details, Sarah could avoid that bourgeoise feeling characteristic of Haussmannian apartments.

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Rue de Galilée, Paris

Modern Interior Design by Sandra Benhamou - Rue de Galilée, Paris
Sandra Benhamou

With a view of the magnificent city of Paris, this living room is arranged around a chimney, creating a perfect place to receive and socialise with family and friends.

With a completely different decoration to the styles previously presented, this design, with neutral and natural colours, connects us to nature and the peace we find in it. Since it is located in the Bois de Boulogne, this decor gives continuity to what is around us, nature at its most beautiful.

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Palais Bourbon, Paris

Modern Interior Design by Sandra Benhamou - Palais Bourbon, Paris
Sandra Benhamou

Simple but different and bold, this living room uses prime materials, such as wood and metal. To bring a feeling of additional comfort, Sandra Benhamou bets on a green velvet sofa.

Rue Dumont Durville, Paris

Modern Interior Design by Sandra Benhamou - Rue Dumont Durville, Paris
Sandra Benhamou

No matter the nature of the project, its location or its style, Sandra concludes, ‘what’s most important in a house is good vibes.’

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