Find A Colourful Dining Room Decor With These Fantastic Ideas

Find A Colourful Dining Room Decor With These Fantastic Ideas

Colourful Dining Room Decor is going to be today’s topic. The dining room is a place to gather with family and friends, and to create immense memories. From the laughs to the games, it is where you grow as a family and where create strong links. Families come together and are disconnected from the technological world, just to have a special moment.

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modern midcentury dining room with red dining chairs and wood dining table

A contemporary dining room with warm colours to bring heat and create the perfect balance between nature and the enticing feeling these colours bring. The main product is our stunning NAJ Dining Chair, a dining room chair fully upholstered in velvet with nickeled nails and inspired by the Naj Tunich, one of the most important discoveries in Guatemala in the twentieth century.

modern contemporary dining room with orange dining chairs and black marble dining table

Ibis are beautiful birds known for their long slim legs. Just like IBIS Dining Chair, an elegant seating solution. Upholstered in cotton velvet, this velvet dining chair with an aged brass nailhead trim will be the focal point of any dining room set. AGRA Dining Table is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance, made of Estremoz marble.

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modern dining room with yellow velvet dining chairs and round white marble dining table

The elegance present in this ambience is a perfect interior design if you are in need of inspiration and ideas. The astonishing STOLA Dining Chair goes perfectly well with our AGRA Dining Table. Also, for a more homely feeling, decorate your lighting with our HORUS II Suspension Light.

modern dining room with green velvet dining chair and round marble dining table

This modern dining room counts with CAYO Dining Chair in green shadows contrasting with the Estremoz marble with polished gold details of the AGRA Dining Table and HORUS II Suspension Light glass. Inspired by culture and nature this environment is harmonized with the handmade RUIN Rug by Rug’Society.

modern classic dining room with round white marble dining table and black velvet dining chair

A modern dining room with the round AGRA Dining Table, made of Estremoz marble with polished gold details the BOURBON Dining Chairs, made of cotton velvet and ash with walnut stain legs. The final touch for perfect lighting is given by the stunning NAICCA Wall Light and to complete the whole environment we added the AGATHA Rug by Rug’Society.

modern dining room with oval marble dining table, orange dining chairs and blue area rug

Orange and blue tones harmonizing with whites and goldens are perfect for a modern dining room with the orange velvet of the NANOOK Dining Chairs that contrasts with the blue of the KAIWA Rug and the white marble of the AGRA II Dining Table.

Find A Colourful Dining Room Decor With These Fantastic Ideas

Modern and eclectic this open space dining room by Boca do Lobo is just amazing!

Find A Colourful Dining Room Decor With These Fantastic Ideas

A dining experience like no other can be provided with a fabulous blend of spaces where the transition between them flows seamlessly and effortlessly. 

Find A Colourful Dining Room Decor With These Fantastic Ideas

The design concept of the apartments located within Shanghai’s prestigious Schwarzwald Tower stems from a strong symbolic reference to the cultural roots of the place: the colours of the earth, specifically the reference to the terracotta army. The sculptures are reimagined in a modern fashion in the interior design project managed by Studio Marco Piva, resulting in two contrasting interpretations that establish the ambience of the flats.

Find A Colourful Dining Room Decor With These Fantastic Ideas

A young, energetic family sought Fox-Nahem Associates to remodel the interiors of their vast, historic Greenwich home to more truly reflect their current interests, which included a significant contemporary art collection and extremely conventional furnishings. This 10,000 square foot home was meticulously cleaned from top to bottom. Fox-Nahem Associates expertly produced a highly personal space marked by elegance, timelessness, and a splash of fun by seamlessly mixing refined vintage pieces, unique designs, and commissioned artisan pieces. Finally, Fox-Nahem Associates achieved a nice equilibrium between art and interior design.

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