Contemporary Projects to be inspired by The Archers

Contemporary Projects to be inspired by The Archers, an Interior Design Firm that combines knowledge and passion for various fields to produce outstanding projects. Check it out for yourself..

Contemporary Projects

Richard Petit and Stephen Hunt founded The Archers, an AD100 firm, in 2002. The team’s various areas of interest and combined skills result in a very collaborative design approach.

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1- Hill House Two

Contemporary Projects, unusual design, colourful
The Archers

The complex tile work and carved plaster embellishments provided an unusual backdrop for the customers’ mostly late-twentieth-century furnishings and art collections. The house had undergone a big makeover prior to their purchase, and some questionable selections had been made, such as uneven flagstone kitchen floors.

2- Hill House Three

Contemporary Projects, Living Room idea, contemporary decor
The Archers

The purpose of this project was to create a completely functional second house capable of hosting huge events and overnight visitors but owing to zoning restrictions, we couldn’t add a single square foot.

Annual Sales

3- Hill House Four

Contemporary Projects, Living Room interiors, colourful sofa
The Archers

The new house had experienced several design interventions over the years, resulting in a number of uncomfortable rooms and architectural vocabulary. It was essentially a modest post and beam construction encased in fresh stucco, glass, and metal from the 1940s.

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

4- Hill House Five

Contemporary Projects, Living Room decor, Neutral colours
The Archers

From a little two-story mid-century house that was completely and tastefully restored, only the dusty pink concrete block central fireplace core, steel beams, and window frames remain. The intervention’s purpose was to bring the house back to life as a mid-century ‘lost jewel,’ while leaving an as little trace as possible.

BRABBU London Apartment

5- Hill House Six

Contemporary Projects, grey decor, lighting Ideas
The Archers

The main goal of this Hollywood Hills home was to provide a more welcoming environment for a savvy young art collector and his growing family.

Inspiring Contemporary Projects

The Archers’ projects include individual dwellings and public places, as well as buildings, interiors, and furnishings.

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6- Thirty Third Floor Apartment

Contemporary Projects, reading Corner, Green chair
The Archers

Stern/Candela inspired the architectural interventions, which were based on materials present in the building’s wide public spaces.

7- Ranch House

Contemporary Projects, white decor, colourful table, white chairs
The Archers

A post and beam framework interacts with new brickwork throughout the interior trim features. White is painted in a variety of subtle tints and finishes on most wood and masonry surfaces, ranging from dead-flat to high-gloss lacquer.

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

Contemporary Projects to be inspired by The Archers

8- Showroom

Contemporary Projects, Living Room home interior
The Archers

The team wanted to create a classy home vibe within a utilitarian box without deviating from the boundaries in any manner. The one-hundred-square-foot space can house a sales team and a significant inventory while also serving as a cozy environment for presentations and entertainment.

9- Beach House

Contemporary Projects, Dining Corner, Unique Chairs
The Archers

For big steel, glass, and limestone contemporary mansion on the beach in Malibu, The Archers were entrusted with domesticating a sequence of gorgeous yet uninviting interiors.

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

10- Office

Contemporary Projects, dark office design
The Archers

The executive’s office was created to reflect his or her unique flair, confidence, and daring. We created custom wood shutters and applied a classicizing order to the envelope with applied boiserie, lacquering everything in a high-gloss, dark petrol green to balance the stark brightness and heighten the drama in a Kubrickian manner.

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