Summer 2020 – Modern Interior Design Trends

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

Summer 2020 is just around the corner and today we are bringing you some modern interior design trends to keep your home fresh and in the groove! Modern Style furnishings and decor celebrate natural materials, neutral or earthy colours, and the elimination of unnecessary detailing.

It uses monochromatic colours whilst Contemporary style has a wide range and variety of colours. The typical characteristics of Modern Style are mainly structural elements (concrete and beams) are often left exposed; emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines with fewer curves; lack of fluff; low, horizontal furnishings with clean lines.

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The Modern Style can be divided into four subcategories: Modern Classic, Modern Contemporary, Modern Mid-Century and Modern Minimal. These four subcategories are fully explored in our next book; you can check the preview by clicking here. Meanwhile, we will give you a sneak-peak.

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

Entryways and Hallways are the divisions that set the mood for the entire home – they are the space that first gives the ‘I am home’ feeling and where you start to unwind and disconnect from the stress outside. Entryways come in all sizes and shapes and decorating it can be a hard task.

This entryway has the BASTEI Console, KAYAN Mirror and ARUNA Wall Light and the rug JOH by Rug’Society.

BASTEI Console

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

Kitchens are one of the most fundamental rooms in the house: not only should they be highly functional but also beautiful and a welcoming place to gather around and reminisce. It can be the division of the house where most memories can be created and family recipes can be passed on.

CAYO Counter Stool

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

Modern Minimal Design is the desire to achieve excellent interiors with the minimal use of adorns, having simplicity in form, space, materials, details and colours whilst still paying attention to these small details.

Modern Minimal Design is popular because it is light and free, where everything is in perfect order and organised. This style allows expressing your personality without the use of eccentric accessories.

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

Dining Rooms are the place where the family gathers around after a long day. The way we live does not give us much time to spend with our families, so dinner is a sacred opportunity for most families. Dining Rooms are a set-apart space intentionally designated for lingering over good food and conversation with family and friends.

This dining room has the IBIS Dining Chair and AGRA III Dining Table and COLTRANE Suspension Light by DelightFULL.

AGRA III Dining Table

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

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The Modern Mid-Century Style is characterised by clean lines, gentle organic curves and adoration for different materials. This style consists of clean lines, where functionality is important, with slight ornamentation and the opposition of different and contrasting materials.

This style is excellent for those who want to add authentic vintage styling in their projects, without having to go full-on the nostalgia from the past. Modern Mid-Century vibe is fresh and hypnotic, retro-tinged and full-on focused on comfort and practicality, embracing beautiful timeless design. 

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

Living Room: that common room where all the home inhabitants coexist in a peaceful contract of unwinding and relaxing. The living room should be the room where everyone feels the most at home, serving a resting place and also to receive guests.

This living room has the EARTH Armchair, OTTER Sofa, MECCA II Side Table and the rug TERRACOTTA by Rug’Society.

MECCA II Side Table

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

The Modern Classic Style has the epitomised aesthetic of modern interior design melded with the simplicity that the classic style brings, with clean and striking spaces that linger in our memory. 

The furniture of this style is a combination of modern and classic style; natural materials are the bridge between the classic and the modern. They are the main elements in the classic design which crossed over to the modern design style.

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

This amazing reading corner has the KOI II Side Table, BOURBON Armchair, the rug EYE by Rug’Society and the SCOFIELD Floor Light by DelightFULL.

BOURBON Armchair

Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

The Modern Contemporary Style has clean architectural lines, being minimal to a fault – the featured architectural designs showcase a sophisticated and timeless elegance. 

The Modern Contemporary spaces have an open-space concept, with the kitchen merging with the dining or living room, or both dining and living room merging with each other. This results in an airy and comfortable living space, avoiding ornate designs.

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Summer 2020 - Modern Interior Design Trends

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