The Art of Happiness and Lifestyle Living in Vietnam with Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group

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Designed by Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group a hospitality development and management group company in Geneva, Switzerland, in today’s article, we will explore a multimillion-dollar Luxury Penthouse. The refined design takes a fresh and modern look at Swiss Deluxe Residences in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in which BRABBU fierce products are in to promote the full sophisticated living experience.

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Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group

A Sophisticated Living in Vietnam

modern living room by Swiss Attixs Hospitality Group
Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group

The design concept of the penthouse by Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group is mainly focused on the young, sophisticated and modern look. In this refined living room, the curved creamy FITZROY Sofa works perfectly with the yellow upholstered ANDES Armchairs.

modern curved sofa

FITZROY Corner Sofa is a curving sofa that is totally upholstered in cotton velvet and has a matte casted brass base. Its back is inspired by the remarkable mountain contour in Patagonia. This is the ideal elegant and soft modern corner sofa that will bring a natural element to any living room decor.

modern armchair with curved back

ANDES Armchair is a mid-century modern furniture piece that honours the strength of the people who live in the Andes Mountains. This modern velvet armchair, with matte-aged brass legs and lush cotton velvet fabric, offers a strong yet graceful touch to any home decor.

modern living room by Swiss Attixs Hospitality Group
Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group

It feels even more opulent when coupled with the lustrous botanic silk carpet CELL Rug by Rug’Society and a beautiful chandelier hanging overhead, making this area as inviting as it is one-of-a-kind. In the Modern Kitchen Design, by Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group, the stars are the elegant N20 Bar Chairs.

modern bar chair in white upholstery

The N20 Bar Chair, a symbol of wisdom and rebirth, was born after a long journey of 24 prototypes. This twill high back bar stool has ash legs with walnut stain matte varnish and nailhead trim for a touch of refinement.

modern rug

CELL is a hand-tufted rug that combines the grandeur of three different materials: Botanical Silk, Natural Wool, and Lurex. This rug will serve as the room’s body, pulling together all of the other design cells into one cohesive design.

modern fresh dining room design with Swiss-Attixs Hospitaly Group
Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group

This Chicest Dining by Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group with fashionable splendour and a matching table and chair set provides cohesiveness in this eclectic dining look. The KANSAS Dining Chairs in different colours are the epitome of the combination of stunning contrasted tones in an unexpectedly harmonious style that creates a genuinely spectacular dining experience. Among the colourful theme, the ISAAC Rug by Rug’Society fills the empty part of this luxurious penthouse.

modern dining chair fo a sophisticated living

The KANSAS Dining Chair honours the bravery of cowboys who travelled from Texas to Kansas railheads every spring. This high-back dining chair with a button-tufted back is upholstered in synthetic leather and has legs in ebony wood veneer with a glossy varnish.

modern colourful rug

A geometric and colour triumph that mixes rounded, square, and vertical lines. A unique colour palette makes it both provocative and impossible not to notice the design’s startling harmony. ISAAC rug is made of botanical silk and natural wool, with four different processes used to give the rug a three-dimensional sensation that makes it stand out in any setting.

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