Kolenik: The Eco Chic Awareness

Robert Kolenik is an interior designer and furniture designer with a warm, luxurious, international and timeless signature. He represents the new generation of Dutch designers who are respected and admired around the world. This is due to the high quality of their work, their business-like approach and their unique design style.

Kolenik - Apartment Amsterdam
Kolenik – Apartment Amsterdam
Kolenik - Home Design London
Kolenik – Home Design London

Kolenik combines all this with a huge amount of passion, a critical eye and an inspiring personality. His design studio is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. From here, he creates a wide variety of interiors and design furniture. These range from villas to restaurants, and from design chandeliers to sofas.

Kolenik - Kortrijk
Kolenik – Kortrijk
Kolenik - Loft Brussels
Kolenik – Loft Brussels

The interior designer’s projects take him all over the world. He might be in London for a villa in Notting Hill one day, and in Mauritius designing a beachfront home the next. The common thread running through all these designs is his rich, natural approach to design and production. Aficionados will recognise this design philosophy in the Eco Chic Awareness Label. Kolenik founded the label in 2014 and he is still passionate about it today.

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Kolenik - Millionaire Fair
Kolenik – Millionaire Fair
Kolenik - Monumental Apartment
Kolenik – Monumental Apartment

After completing his marketing degree in 2004, Robert Kolenik started work at his father’s construction firm. This taught him all aspects of the job, from technical installation to plastering and carpentry. This early practical experience would turn out to be of crucial importance to his development as a designer.

After spending three years renovating homes and hospitality venues, Kolenik landed his first big design commission in 2008. This was for the interior design of the Demain cocktail bar in Nijmegen This year would mark the beginning of his career’s stellar growth, despite the serious financial crisis that had taken the world by storm.

Kolenik - Private Residence
Kolenik – Private Residence
Kolenik - Residence Amsterdam
Kolenik – Residence Amsterdam

Right from the start, Kolenik Eco Chic Design’s portfolio expanded rapidly, and it includes an impressively diverse range of projects. These range from individual home interiors to a variety of corporate designs. He has also created a furniture range and designs for high-profile brands that are implemented under licence.

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His studio’s ability to translate brand values into appropriate designs for hotels, restaurants and bars means that Robert Kolenik is now a well-known name when it comes to hospitality design projects. Kolenik Eco Chic Design, which now boasts an experienced team of architects, designers and graphic designers, is rapidly spreading its wings all over the world.

Kolenik - Residence Eindhoven
Kolenik – Residence Eindhoven
Kolenik - Residence Rotterdam
Kolenik – Residence Rotterdam

Driven by his passion for nature conservation, Kolenik decided to co-found Plastic Soup Foundation Junior in 2014. The foundation organises educational programmes to raise children’s awareness from a young age of the plastic waste polluting the seas. Later, Kolenik also started the Eco Chic Awareness Label, his sustainable design guarantee. This means that where possible, his designs – from furniture to lamps – incorporate rich, natural materials, chosen with the greatest care. And that’s not all: his pieces are also manufactured ecologically, as well as complying with the very highest quality standards.

Kolenik - Room of the Future
Kolenik – Room of the Future

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Kolenik finds inspiration for his interiors in the natural world. His subtle use of colour is drawn from nature. So too are the materials that he lovingly uses in his interiors and designs. These range from luxurious woods and natural stone to shells. The carefully considered and consciously chosen balance between functionality and aesthetics creates harmony in every – unique – design and interior. Natural elements like living green walls and the spectacular boardroom aquarium are endlessly fascinating and unique. And that’s not forgetting Kolenik‘s use of sophisticated technology to create optimal comfort, plus his eye for a perfect finish.

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