Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors

Creative. Responsive. Resourceful – These are the keys to their Breathtaking Interiors

Jacquie and Judy have 25+ years of experience partnering with proven resources, vendors and contractors. They are action oriented and love getting involved in every step of the project from seeing the possibilities in a new home to re-imagining their clients current residence.

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They start with a focus on improving the flow of space and create a master plan of projects with client goals and budget in mind.  Through careful architectural planning and detailing, selection of furnishings, colors and materials, custom window treatments and the critically important finishing touches of artwork and accessories their clients home or office is transformed into a place which reflects them, only better!

Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors

Jacquie Garrett – Jacquie impacts her client’s lives through the power of intuitive, personalized design. She is passionate about creating personalized spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.

One of Jacquie’s most notable gifts is for coordinating textiles, patterns and materials. She strives to make the design journey as stress-free as possible with her energy and fun personality.

Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors

Her world view carries over to her design ideology in creating meaningful environments for people, giving their homes a soul. Reflected in her own home, Jacquie has loved the intermix of exuberant colors and patterns of Guatemala, the country of her children’s birth.  There are a few more colors mixed into her designer-black wardrobe than there used to be.

Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors

Judy Mitchell – Complimentary to Jacquie’s creative passion, Judy is analytically focused on our client’s budgets, goals and schedules.   As a leader in corporate interior design based in New York and Chicago, she brings an organized, responsive and responsible attention to project details, collaborating every step of the way with Jacquie and our clients.

Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors

Judy is inspired by travel, with a goal to setting foot on every continent!   Exploring new places and interacting with new people have helped shape her confident character. Like Jacquie, she believes that making breathtaking interiors should be fun.

Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors Garrett & Mitchell Breathtaking Interiors



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