5 reasons to follow Margaux Keller

We passed the last two weeks travelling around the south of France, looking for new talents to make you discover. During this road trip we met Margaux Keller in Marseille. We were welcomed into her studio, spacious, entirely white, full of a lot of various objects colored in pastel. Crossing the doorstep, we entered her universe.


Margaux Keller


Margaux Keller is born in 1987 in Geneva. She was formed at the École Nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art for 5 years, then she passed by the prestigious Ecole Boule in Paris. She obtained her diploma in 2010 with the congrats of her teachers for a project “Design sans vergogne”. Since she never stoped drowning us under her talent.

I invite you now to discover 5 good reasons to follow Margaux Keller!



Emotions are the starting point of her work

We can make a simple equation to summarize the work of Margaux Keller. The design is the sum of functionality, aesthetics and emotions. Without this last characteristic, the concept isn’t complete. Margaux Keller tries to make us react and to activate our collective memory “like Madeleine de Proust” as she said. She is a part of this new generation of designers that want to break this binary system of the beautiful and useful.


Baby Swim collection by Margaux Keller


Sweet colours, bent lines, minimalistic forms. The emotions are here, we are welcomed in a childish world, feminine and however really original and totally contemporary. We feel coming back on time with those acidulous colors as a David Hockney knew how to make them.


The Gellé Frères shop by Margaux Keller


She illustrates perfectly the emotional design concept by her graduation project “Design Sans Vergogne”. What is the idea? Tell small daily shames and determine how an object can be more than only aesthetic. Nowadays, she is applying this philosophy for all the objects she is creating. She is playing with the daily codes and analyses different social behaviors and uses.


“Design sans vergogne” project

A committed design

The work of Margaux Keller is committed. Her creations are dedicated to fair causes. First of all, she is pushing up the local craftsmanship, which is needed for anyone working in the design world. The “french” craftsmanship and know-how are the starting point of her work, she is talking about “human design”. The choice of the fabrics is really important to transfer the right emotions. It is also one of the reasons for which one she cames to live in the south of the country, in Marseille. Here, she is finding the inspiration needed for her creations and she can take advantage of the local craftsmanship that gives the soul of the object.


Margaux Keller
A committed project: the Hope Project


Her second main project is the Hope project that was created by the parents of sick kids hospitalized at the Timone hospital in Marseille. The aim of the project is to improve the welcoming conditions of the kids and to take part in a social project. The companies can participate by skills sponsorship and follow the project in a practical way. This is a win/win situation. The companies win a social dimension and the kids win the know-how of the companies. Her know-how, Margaux Keller will use it to renovate entirely the consultation service of the first floor of the hospital. Her childish and sweet world is exactly what a kid needs in such conditions, calm and serenity.


Futur waiting room of the kids

Prestigious collaborations

Here is a dominating fact for people working in the design world. Experience is more important than any school. Following this rule, Margaux Keller advice the new generation to not be scared of making internships in different studios, different size, different styles, different inspirations. The objective is to know a maximum about the entire design world and to open the mind of the future designers.


The Swim collection, outdoor


She applied this rule by working with prestigious and worldwide known designers as Philippe Starck or Eugénie Quillet. Later, she will also work on the design of pieces for RocheBobois as the table light Amor.


Table light AMOR


For one of her latest project, “Oh les beaux jours!”, Margaux Keller decided to work with 2 other artists Pauline Jaramillo and Amélie Bonnin. Together, they found PAM! Oh les beaux jours! it is also the partnership of local craftsmen and the mythic brand La Boule Bleue. What is the objective of this project? Bring up to date the ancestral tradition from Marseille of “pétanque”



PAM! create “Oh les beaux jours”


Her latest collaboration was as the godmother of the design contest Verallia Design Awards for the 8th edition and with the theme “Glass in the city”. The contest welcomed 300 projects created by 700 students in design and packaging. 5 categories were presented: wine, liquor, food, non-alcoholic drinks, beers and new decoration price.


Product design or interior design?

How to choose? Margaud Keller is formed as a product designer and can create as much object as she wants, chairs, tables, bottles or newspaper rack. Here comes the idea of creating a complete interior full of those products and representing her style in a bigger dimension.


Product design before all


As a product designer, Margaux already has a long prize list starting with Benetton. In 2011, as a young designer, Margaux enter the project of La Fabrica. The communication and research centre of Benetton in Trévise acts also as a talent incubator. Under the artistic direction of Sam Baron during one year, she draws pieces for galleries and museum. She creates also the scenography of the Milan shop of the brand. In 2016, she becomes the artistic director of the design editor Bibelo for whom she rethink all the brand image and create the daily collections.


Interior design, her new passion


Today, her interior designer activity takes half of her time and she already acquire a solid experience in this domain. We can start by the charming design she created for the shop of Gellé Frères, Avenue de l’Opéra in Paris. On this project, she is making a demonstration of her forefront by proposing a new color : the Ultra Violet, that will be elected color of the year 2018 some months later by Pantone. She is also working on more original projects as the hairdresser “Le coiffeur” in Marseille in 2014, or the shoes shop “Des ailes aux pieds” at Aix-en-Provence in 2016. In her futur projects, a bakery in Los Angeles and the hospital of La Timone for the Hope Project.


Ultra Violet, the color of the year 2018 by Pantone


A large range of iconic pieces

Margaux Keller‘s univers is clean, without roughness, flat and well though. So well, that you could recognize that an object or an interior was created by her at the first look. She developed a large range of iconic products and created interior that show off perfectly her identity. Let’s make a quick overview of her main pieces.


The Eileen table


The Eileen table was inspired by the great Eileen Gray, the British architect and designer of the modernist movement. Creator of the Villa E- 1027 near by Roquebrune in the south of France. The piece is in forged iron and the tray is covered with pink gold leaf.


The Swim chair


Created by Margaux Keller for BIBELO, and with an outdoor model launched in 2017, the Swim chair is simple, playful, universal and high quality. The collection composed by chairs, tables and armchairs is available in 6 colors and have integrated handles to allow you to transport them easily.


The bottles “Les pescadous” (fishermen in the local dialect)


Those bottles were created for Roche Bobois. The collection of blown glass has the particularity to be closed by a really strange plug : fishing float. With really geometrical design and flashy colors, the objective was to make visible a normal object, the traditional fish float.


UNCO for Secondome


One of the first projects of Margaux Keller when she was inside the incubator of Benetton. Here you can see two glass bottles linked by a wood structure. Once again, the idea is to speak about daily objects and to generate an emotion.



To summarized, Margaux Keller is a rising star of french design, by her style, sweet, colorful, feminine and however really original. She don’t stop making prestigious collaborations, with an artistic or committed aim to share with us her sens of the design.


Do you want an advice ? Don’t hesitate to take a look on the work of the forefront Margaux Keller !