How to create a home improvement with stone floor pattern

Bedroom stone floor design

Modern decoration ideas create special appearance for home interiors. Floor is a part of the house which is often a center decor element. There are lots of selections of special stone floor patterns for granite or marble tiles that are suitable to create beautiful and artistic home improvement to the house design.

Fluid to the eye but static to the touch, these geometric patterns constructed from stone tiles have added allure to floors for thousands of years and are still a trend in the world of interior design. 

Elegant living room stone floor

Brabbu lighting

Getting the Right Mix

“Most stones will mix well together,” says Nancy Epstein. “There’s not a limit about what you can do.” To the founder and CEO of Artistic Tile, the most popular colors are consistently white, gray, and black. And even for patterns that combine reds, pinks, tans, and golds, the interior designer Kelly Wearstler says neutrals are necessary. “It gives balance when composing a geometric design,” she explains, adding that “a border helps ground the pattern.”

Black and white stone floor design


Choosing a Design

Popular designs can range from geometric to more organic shapes, depending on the taste of the home decorators. However, the material can’t accommodate just any pattern. Concerning to stone floor, thin shapes or patterns with very tight points are an invitation to breakage in shipping, so floor tiles in larger, more basic shapes are easiest to work with.

Modern marble stone floor design


The Right Cut

The way the granite or marble is sliced to reveal its natural pattern can drastically influence the look of the house design. Vein-cutting, with the grain, results in long, lithe bands of color, while cross-cutting, against the grain, reveals the blossoming layers of each vein. Once cut, the stone floor can be finished in a variety of ways: some might polish it for a glossy effect while others may hone it for a matte look. “I always hone the stone to take away the shine and give the floor a more soulful feel,” says Kelly Wearstler.

Bathroom stone floor design


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Taking Care

Every stone floor has its own properties, but there are some basic cleaning rules that apply to all. Some experts recommend tending to spills of acidic foods and drink immediately. So if you spill a bit of lemon juice or vinegar “bend right down and clean it up.” For routine maintenance, you can use a vacuum frequently and a moist mop from time to time.

Elegant stone floor design

Soho Collection by Boca do Lobo

Incorporating Rugs

When a stone floor makes such a graphic statement, it might seem improper to cover it with an area rug. However, according to Kelly Wearstler, the strategy can work! “The rug should be a solid color,” she says. “The most successful pairing would be with an organic shaped rug such as a natural hide.”


How do you feel about stone floor patterns? Have you already opted for this floor decor in any interior design project? Tell us all about it in the comments bellow!

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