Best 5 Antolini stones for a sophisticated marble dining table


Best 5 Antolini stones for a sophisticated marble dining table

Hello Beautiful people all around the world! There are only 10 days between you and Christmas. Brabbu bets that you are as excited as your children, aren’t you? Well, and what’s the main topic regarding Santa and Christmas evening? Of course, it’s the dinner time. Today’s main topic is dining tables, the richest of all. We are going to present some of the most beautiful ideas for your most wanted marble dining table, as well living some tips on how to complement them with some dining chairs.

As you may have heard, marble is truly a stunning material, perfect for a glamourous interior design for your dining room. Warm, rich, with strong personality and perfect for cleaning, marble allows multiple options.

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Marble gives such a unique vibrance to the ambience, that it adds glow to any kind of piece present in your home.

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So, below you will the finds some of the most gorgeous Antolini Stones, just for you to amazed and inspired by these patterns and colors.



Best 5 Antolini stones for a sophisticated dining table

Orange Glow

Best 5 Antolini stones for a sophisticated marble dining table

Red Petrified Wood


Zebra Jasper



002-a_amethyst_extra (1)

By now you are already in love by these stones, so Brabbu doesn’t want to interrupt your dream. Just keep in mind that the best marble dining table have to be adorned by the best dining chairs.

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Have a perfect week, and don’t forget to buy all the presents for those you love. But remember, peace and shared love are the most important things on earth!

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