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I am delighted with my home which Sarah Bashford decorated in partnership with me. Sarah has the gift of understanding your style and extending it even further. We worked long distance which went very smoothly. Sarah pays as much attention to the design work as to all the logistics. A great experience. – Randye Farmer, New York, NY



Over a decade ago, Sarah Bashford, Principal at Bashford Design, began custom designing residential interiors. She has transformed many homes for socialites, rock stars, pro athletes, and busy families. Her range includes historic glamorous Manhattan apartments, Pacific Heights mansions, and casually contemporary homes.

Born and raised in England, Sarah attended Cambridge University where she graduated with a Master of Arts in English Literature with Visual Theory. She continued her education by studying interior design at the Regent Academy of Fine Arts in London. Sarah is San Francisco best interior designer, living with her husband, two sons, and a dog named Harvey, she’s living her dream and making dreams come true.

Let’s take a look at some of her projects!





Hollywood luxe meets retro in this home for a young family. The living room has sumptuous velvet, silk, faux fur and flokati textures with brass and wood accents. Study for her is unabashedly feminine with an interplay of textures, pinks, reds, golds, grays and creams to bring warmth and interest to the space.





Bashford Design - 5 must-see home interiors

An eclectic mix with custom wallpaper murals, original lighting designs, a mixture of clean lines and intricate details. Mid-century elements blended with fresh contemporary design and antique pieces. Silks, cottons, wools, faux fur, velvets, glass, chrome, rich woods, fiberglass, faux shagreen, acrylic and even burned wood are blended to create comfortable and captivating spaces.

Bashford Design - 5 must-see home interiors





Bashford Design - 5 must-see home interiors

Rich and striking color palette mixes traditional mirrored glass, wood carving, and paisley pattern with contemporary scale, lines, and materials. Incorporates vintage trunks, bar stools, and art alongside lacquered contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Bashford Design - 5 must-see home interiors





Bashford Design - 5 must-see home interiors

Open, warm, and colorful contemporary spaces for a young family. Custom leather, wood and stainless cabinetry and tables. Client’s collection of world-class restaurant menus framed in a dining area. Saturated red, multifunction home office. Elegant master suite retreat with hand embroidered wallpaper and custom glass tile.

Bashford Design - 5 must-see home interiors





Bashford Design - 5 must-see home interiors

Elegance and melodrama in a high ceilinged Victorian home. Bashford is at the TOP best when it comes to Califórnia design.

Bashford Design - 5 must-see home interiors


Sarah Bashford is so talented that she was able to grasp the full vision of what we hoped for within minutes of entering our living space. Sarah is without question a design dynamo of immeasurable skill and professionalism – all that and she could not be more lovely and charming. We recommend her to anyone for any project. – Lauren Costello, New York, NYC


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