• Workshop/APD Amazing Chicago Historic Hotel Renovation

    Workshop/APD owners Matt Berman and Andrew Kotchen were asked to help renovate one of Chicago’s most historic hotels a 1912 Michigan Avenue building and they immediately knew that this was and incredible oportunity especially because it was a bulding with a lot of character. Check out the story behind this Amazing Chicago Historic Hotel Renovation!     This […]

  • Avenir Creative: The love for an unique design

    Two designers from corporate and engineering backgrounds with shared love for an unique design and professional insight. Proudly based in Chicago and established in 2016 with a work space designed accordingly: Graceful, functional, and raw. “We’re knit tight—in people and process. We like knowing clients well, sharing real emotions and responding promptly. We’re passionate about our […]

  • 2019 Interior Design Trends: Fauna Patterns

    Animal life is indispensable for the perfect function of nature. Just like Flora, the word fauna derives from mythology. Fauna was the name of the Roman goddess of Earth and Fertility, the Roman god Faunus, and the related forest spirits called Fauns. BRABBU highlights in its essence this passion for nature, its fierceness, the power and will to survive, to […]

  • The Magnificent Interior Design of Sawyer | Berson

    Sawyer | Berson is an architecture practice that also works in the field of landscape architecture and interior design. Founded in 1999 by Brian Sawyer and John Berson in New York City, the team work includes private houses and gardens, apartments, townhouses and urban roof terraces as well as commercial and institutional projects throughout the United States […]

  • 2019 Interior Design Trends: Cassis Color

    Since we entered a new year, it’s only fair to give a special importance to the 2019 interior design trends and inspirations that can make this year improve. Today, we bring you Cassis Color, and some of the products where this tone really stands out. See more: The Gettys Group: Best Interior Design Projects First […]