10 Modern Wall Mirrors for your Home in 2023

In this article, we will explore the Top 10 Modern Wall Mirrors that promise to uplift any modern home. Take a look at these unique elements for your Modern Home.

Modern Wall Mirrors

A Top 10 List

KAYAN Mirror

modern wall mirrors round golden with brass details

Kayan women are well-known for wearing neck rings to lengthen their necks. KAYAN Round Mirror is a modern wall mirror with an aged brushed brass structure from Myanmar. This decorative wall mirror will undoubtedly liven up a dull wall.

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HULI Mirror

To impress their enemies, the Huli tribe of Papua New Guinea paints their faces yellow, crimson, and white. The HULI Round Mirror, made of matte casted brass, was inspired by this ceremony. This long round mirror will be the focal point of any room it is in.

CAY Mirror

trending mirror design round golden mirror

Nature in its purest form flows through this captivating furniture piece as lava pours from a volcanic explosion. Nature’s ultimate cry is depicted in the CAY Round Mirror, which is made of casted brass and a flat mirror. Allow yourself to hear the call, feel its power, and incorporate it into your urban life by integrating it into your home decor. This round mirror will be the focal point of any room.


Polar Night, a natural phenomenon in the Arctic Circle, is translated as Kaamos in Finnish. This incredible event served as inspiration for KAAMOS Mirror. This round mirror, with a frame in glossy walnut root veneer, brass, and copper, will add a touch of strength and class to your modern interior design.

Belize is home to one of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs. Its incredible beauty inspired the design of the BELIZE Mirror, which is made of silver leaf with translucent red and black shades. The polished brass details, however, are what set this round mirror apart.

KUMI I Mirror

Kumi is a Japanese-born oyster with undeniable beauty. The KUMI Mirror pays homage to its allure with its glossy hammered aged brass.


In Greek Mythology, Helios was the personification of the Sun. It is said that each dawn, he rose from the far ends of the earth with the shining aureole of the Sun. This inspired the creation of HELIOS Mirror, which has a finish in gold leaf.

HULI Square Mirror

Huli is a tribe from Papua New Guinea known for painting their faces yellow, red and white to impress the enemy. This ritual was the inspiration behind the HULI Square Mirror, made of matte casted brass.

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