Home’Society Virtual Showroom – a new dimension

Home'Society Virtual Showroom

Welcome to Home’Society Virtual Showroom,  a new dimension where high-end design meets imagination. This is a fully interactive experience showcasing the wonders of BRABBU, Maison Valentina and Rug’Society. With 11 rooms, this unique experience is inspired by the energy and intensity of the city of London, England. Let’s explore it.

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Home’Society Virtual Showroom

A new dimension where High-End Design meets Imagination

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10 Downing Street

entryway of home'society virtual showroom

As the iconic Door Number 10 in London is a must-see stop, 10 Downing Street opens the doors to the wonders coming. Entryways are the first part of the house every guest sees: it is the first disclosure of your own world. Therefore, you need to make quite an entrance, literally. But entryways are not only important in home decor; they are crucial in every single space. Choosing not-so flashy elements, with a functional and modern perspective is the way to go. The NANOOK Armchairs displayed in a symmetrical way complete the elegant ambience the AGRA Dining Table at the centre exudes.

The Big Dipper

living room of Home'Society Virtual Showroom

The Big Dipper is one of the easiest star patterns to locate in the sky. Being a clipped version of the Greater Bear Constellation, this asterism presents us with a fascinating show of stars every single night.

The Big Dipper is the heart of Home’Society Virtual Showroom. This is a place where you can take a deep breath while seeing a preview of what is about to come. As living rooms should be, The Big Dipper exudes warmth, making you feel at home. The balance of elements is the key element: the two ZULU Armchairs give the room a practical essence, while the sophistication of the NAICCA Chandelier design brightens up the rest of the set. One of its perks is its centrality: The Big Dipper gives you access to the whole showroom, being a place of gathering, just like a living room should be. 

Latest Trends by BRABBU

The Latest Trends by BRABBU is a place where imagination has no end. BRABBU represents an intense way of living based on the values of nature, fierceness, memories, and culture, all adapted to the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Each one of BRABBU’s products has a goal: they reminisce the memories we do not want to let go of and defy to create more. So nature is the inspiration, but it is also the foundation. The most high-quality materials are the means to transform ideas into real-life furniture solutions. On the Latest Trends by BRABBU, you can find our unique products tailor-made to perform in your unique life. BRABBU dares to live wildly and every single product embodies this purpose.

Rug’Society Gallery

Rug'Society Gallery at Home'Society Virtual Showroom

One of the most tracing characteristics of Galleries is the story behind them. In Rug’Society Gallery, the history line is yours – is up to you to take the history of every single one of the rugs and create the beginning, middle and ending of your own, always daring to think outside the box. This is a place where colour gains life. Rug’Society’s rugs are in the spot they deserve to be, in exposition to be contemplated by everyone who has the pleasure to see them. In this Gallery, you can sense the surrounding life and experience embodied in every cell of the rugs – Rug’Society Gallery defies you to be honest and make your history, along with its unique, exclusive and deluxe rugs design.  

Pickering Place

brabbu products at Home'Society Virtual Showroom

Pickering Place is known for being the smallest square in Britain, but where history was made and persists to be told. Pickering Place in Home’Society Virtual Showroom epitomises this essence, making it so unique. When designing a living room, it can seem ambitious to fulfil the desire to have the latest design embedded in a functional cosy ambience. It is why Pickering Place sets the trend. The two ESSEX Armchairs give the space a really intimate core, but they were not chosen by chance. ESSEX Armchairs is a barrel armchair with a soft velvet touch, the ideal choice for a living room design that aims to contradict the norms of the ordinary – Pickering Place exudes the needed comfort and tranquillity of the room, filled with the most exquisite elements. 

The Factory of Dreams

Home'Society Virtual Showroom

This is the place where you can turn your and your client’s projects into reality, the genuine Factory of Dreams. One of the main goals of Home’Society brands is to give the possibility to every customer to tailor-made their furniture through design service. This gives you the power to create even more personal and unique elements to transform your home into the reflection of your most desirable dreams. When you are surrounded by familiar elements that make you feel like your genuine self, you are living your best version, making it easy to achieve all your life goals. 

The Factory of Dreams has a wide range of unique and premium-quality samples: with over 35 different materials and finishes, 40 fabrics with more than 500 colours and textures that teases you to experience a completely divergent reality. 

Bond Street

maison valentina products at Home'Society Virtual Showroom

Bond Street is the home of luxury shopping. This street is worldwide known for its wealth of elegant stores, designer fashion and some of the most exclusive brands. Our Bond Street Showcases some of the most luxurious bathroom items leading the reference luxury bathroom market in the entire world. 

The ideal bathroom design should help you meet your daily demands, while also providing a peaceful suitable environment perfect to unwind after a long day. That is what every single Maison Valentina product defies you to do: stand for yourself and turn your well-being into your number one priority. Bond Street makes you daydream with that pleasant “me time” at the end of the day. Tailor-made your personal time and take care of yourself with the most luxurious bathroom products that you haven’t even dreamt of in your wildest dreams. 

Notting Hill

It is now time to enter Notting Hill, the Home’Society Virtual Showroom house. This house has a very particular essence: it is a vibrant and modern home filled with high-end furniture, setting the trend. Inspired by the iconic Notting Hill neighbourhood in London, this home promises to awe you with the most spectacular design. 

Portobello Road

living space at Home'Society Virtual Showroom

Portobello Road Market is the largest street market in the world, where you can find everything you are looking for. Inspired by this purpose, Portobello Road is a space where you find the comfort of the living room blended with the practicability of the kitchen and the pleasant essence of the dining room. 

When you associate a living space with a kitchen and dining room, it creates the illusion of the perfect get-together space, where most of your lifetime memories will be created. The mixture of elements is the key to this dazzling design: the golden details of AURUM Suspension light over the dining room with the solids MECCA II Side Tables give a boost to the white LALLAN Back Sofa, the focus of the set.

St Luke’s Mews

bedroom of Home'Society Virtual Showroom

The bedroom, the intimate section of the showroom house, is inspired by St Luke’s Mews. This is the most imponent room in the whole house. It may not be of your attention, but the design of the bedroom performs such a significant influence on the day-to-day way of living. It is where we fall asleep, get to have a good rest, and wake – all vulnerable moments before we sink into dreams and unconsciousness or before getting ready for the new bright day. 

The St Luke’s Mews was created to have a secret escape from the busy world, not letting go of the beauty and mystery behind every element. Featuring some sumptuous colour shades, like red, gold and white, this bedroom has a characteristical essence that makes you want to wake up here every morning. The ESSEX Headboard and Summier match with the WALES Bench in pastel tones, while the white DALYAN Armchairs give the finishing touch to the set.

St Luke’s Mews 27

closet of Home'Society Virtual Showroom

Notting Hill has some of the most extraordinary mews in London, antique royal stables that now are long roads with mesmerizing houses. It is the case of St. Luke’s Mew, especially house number 27. Know as the pink house, this is a recognisable house due to its colour. The St. Luke’s Mew 27 is called this way not because it is pink, but because it has such a refined and recognisable essence with a unique and timeless design – at the centre, the rectangular CAY Mirror embodies exactly this elegant principle.

The Gobpsy Bar

bar of Home'Society Virtual Showroom

After an exhausting yet mesmerizing virtual tour through Home’Society Virtual Showroom, it is now time to unwind and enjoy your last moments in the Gobpsy Bar. Inspired by a top-secret bar in London, hidden beneath an unassuming barbershop, Gobspy Bar is unlike any place you have seen before; This bar will wake our senses and make you enter a new world, where you will take the next step and live your cosmopolitan lifestyle to the fullest. 

The affable colours of the BOURBON Dining Chairs blended with the golden details of the luxurious NAICCA Suspension lights and the custom-made space KOI Screens transform this simple space into a world of wonders. Whether your desire is to sit and relax, or walk around and make new connections, the Gobpsy Bar is the ideal place to end our virtual Showroom, with the curiosity to do it all over again. 

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