Reading Corner Design Ideas: A Space You Will Never Want To Leave

Reading Corner Design Ideas will be today’s topic! In such a robotlike world, where time is always running out, it is necessary to have a break occasionally. So, do you think there is any better space to do that than in a reading corner? Where you can dive into a different planet, and know different people and stories? We don’t think it either. So, let’s find some inspiration to create your unique reading corner.

Reading Corner Design Ideas

Simple but sophisticated

Simple but with a velvet twist. This reading corner breathes warmth and cosiness. ELK Velvet armchair fills the room with its modern design and comfortable style, accompanied by the KOI SIDE TABLE. Inspired by the Japanese symbol Koi Carp, which can adapt in nature, so does the KOI side table in this space. GOBI RUG embraces the space with its neutral yet comforting tones, creating the perfect spot for a reading evening.

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Book Collected Living Rooms

If you are not into so neutral-coloured reading corners, here you have the perfect example of a sophisticated reading corner design ideas. MANUKA SIDE TABLE is inspired by one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. ELK VELVET ARMCHAIR next to this exquisite side table is a must-have. Along with the 100% handmade YARSA RUG by RUG’SOCIETY is a must be reading in at!

reading corner design ideas velvet armchair

Inspired by the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly, so does ESSEX Modern Swivel Armchair upgrade this space to the next level. BRYCE side table has a fibreglass body and finishes in high gloss black lacquer with gold leaf. Together they complement your ideal reading corner set.


reading corner design ideas blue velvet armchair

Contemporary corner with a strong presence. ANDES ARMCHAIR represents the grandeur of the Andes’ mountains and the surviving skills of its inhabitants. The unique style ANDES ARMCHAIR has set this to be the perfect space to read an adventurous drama book.

reading corner design ideas sequoia center table

It is impossible to stay indifferent to this space. SEQUOIA CENTER TABLE is inspired by one of the largest and tallest trees in the world, a true representation of nature’s forces and strength. On the other side, the goddess inspiration of MAYA ARMCHAIR turns this reading corner in a combination of sensuality with history.

OREAS SINGLE SOFA pays tribute to the God of mountains in Greek mythology. Side-by-side to APACHE TABLE LIGHT, which is inspired by the Native American tribe who inhabit Colorado, form the modern yet cultural ambience. In the centre, the flower-shaped BLOOM WALL FIRE along with the MACUSHI RECTANGULAR WOOL RUG creates the right twist to softness.

reading corner design ideas real leather armchair and vellum floor light

PLUM ARMCHAIR is the nostalgic touch to a modern reading corner. This sumptuous armchair is covered in real leather and has matte aged brass legs, invoking the past in a contemporary way. VELLUM FLOOR LIGHT covered in glossy hammered aged brass and a Nero Marquina marble base is the perfect match to PLUM ARMCHAIR. Inspired by the ancient manuscripts, this high-end detailed light has just the perfect touch to a good reading time. Maybe you will feel inspired and write your own book here.

The proof that VELLUM FLOOR LIGHT adds splendour to any space. Completing the space is our best-seller DUKONO ARMCHAIR, a robust yet gracious item inspired by one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. KOI SIDE TABLE adds a gold touch as the MACUSHI RUG II give a warm welcome to the space.

reading corner design ideas chaise long with cyrus floor light

COMO CHAISE LONG in a different perspective but also well-accompanied. In memory of the Persian king who conquered Babylonia, CYRUS FLOOR LIGHT is a breath of freedom in a close space. Both together are in perfect harmony.

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