Ekaterina Lashmanova: Definition of Luxury Design

Katerina Lashmanova: Definition of Luxury Design

Ekaterina Lashmanova is one of Russia’s top interior designers. This young and massively talented interior designer features an amazing professional journey throughout her years within this industry. With a breathtaking and extremely luxurious style, she establishes the most incredible interiors, that are able to impress every interior design aficionado.

Katerina Lashmanova: Definition of Luxury Design

Russia is the heart of some of the most incredible interior designers in the world, that are able to present the most exquisite projects. In between this Russian talented group, we find the talented Ekaterina Lashmanova. This young interior designer has proven, time after time, that the concept of luxury is very well established within every one of her projects. Her portfolio presents stunning settings that share the ultimate luxurious and bespoke pieces ever found.

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Interior design is her passion, seen through her many ostentatious projects, and the truth is that she does it due to her great love for her clients. The interaction she shares with her clients and potential costumers is what drives her to deliver the most stunning projects of all time. The thought of making her costumers’ dreams come true is definitely what she loves about her work.

Katerina Lashmanova: Definition of Luxury Design

Through her professional career, Ekaterina Lashmanova certainly has gone through some ups and downs, but she perfectly states that “there are no difficulties if you do not think so! This is just a life process of gaining different experiences”! So, while concentrating on bringing her design identity mixed with her clients’ taste, she thinks that there are no obstacles she can’t overcome. She faces every stepping stone as just one of many different experiences, which she is more than open in embracing, in order to grow with the experience.

Katerina Lashmanova: Definition of Luxury Design

With every project, she gives all of her commitment, which perfectly reflecting on every setting she establishes. The unique interiors the Russian designer creates are known for their elegance, luxury, and high attention to detail. Each one is adapted to the personality and taste of each of her clients and the result is always magical.


Her “goal is always the same, to make the world more beautiful and harmonious”! With that in mind, she focuses on what makes her feel fulfilled professionally, her “costumers and admirers of my work”, with whom she shares an amazing “friendly relationship”. So, she makes sure to preserve every relationship in a personalised manner, with a specific type of client. As she specifically describes, her clients are within a “high middle class and higher! These are businessmen and officials.”

Katerina Lashmanova: Definition of Luxury Design

Being a very influential figure in the Russian interior design scene, Ekaterina Lashmanova has taken part in many interior design projects and has an impressive portfolio to show for it. Nonetheless, she aims to focus on settings that feature a unique and stunning look, always on the bold and luxurious concept.

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The Russian interior designer believes that Portuguese companies are definitely leading the way into the craftsmanship industry, due to their artistic and heritage concept. As far as the future goes into the design industry, she definitely thinks that technology is the only way to move forward.

“I think high technology is, above all, smart things that can be programmed, change the colour, shape, design. Affordable! Biomorphic forms and ecological design and materials! A design that has no boundaries, a design that unites all people on the planet and that makes life on earth more beautiful, that takes care of preserving resources and life on earth”!

The interior design world is a much competitive area, especially with its divide on so many markets, but it is obvious that Katerina has won a major prestigious status, with the contribution of this young and talented designer. The boldness, uniqueness, and eccentricity of this designer, is something to look forward to, due to Ekaterina Lashmanova’s designs.

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