The Showroom: We Design – Produce – Deliver – We Install

The Showroom is a multi-brand showroom with world brand and top design products. The Showroom knows that to get the warm heart feeling of “home sweet home” is the perfect form, a match of harmonised colours, quality materials and practicality combined with the essence of style that reflects the motives of a person.

The Showroom - Modern Civilian Apartment
The Showroom – Modern Civilian Apartment – The bright colours of the living room are counterbalanced by the neutral tones of the bedroom and the corridor, creating perfect harmony.
The Showroom - Malta Bar
The Showroom – Malta Bar – Exclusive and cosy bar in Malta with beautiful design furniture and lighting.
The Showroom - The Robinson, Restaurant
The Showroom – The Robinson, Restaurant – One of Budapest’s most romantic restaurants, the Robinson restaurant on the shore of the City Park, with international and Hungarian cuisine.

Having this in mind, the pieces of the interior come to life and form the environment as imprint of our interior. In The Showroom store there are offers that will please the highest demand for design products from renowned foreign and domestic designers from all spheres of home design.

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The Showroom - Modern Home
The Showroom – Modern Home – Stylish modern home with neutral white, grey, and warm sand colours, soft textiles in front of huge glass walls.
The Showroom - Modern Flat
The Showroom – Modern Flat – Beautiful, snow-white design at home with lots of glass, concrete surfaces, clean geometric shapes.
The Showroom - Flat
The Showroom – Flat – Modern, white-tuned design at home, focusing on clean, minimalist line-up furniture and delicate, feminine accessories. In addition to the triple living room-kitchen-dining room, there is a bedroom, bathroom and separate guest toilet in the apartment.

In addition to luxury quality, The Showroom pays great attention to supporting their customers so that they can know for sure the beauty of their homes. Presentation pieces change from week to week, and side to side with international brands, they display their own custom-designed and manufactured furniture.

The Showroom - Hotel in Budapest
The Showroom – Hotel in Budapest – Unique wellness and lifestyle hotel with 114 rooms and a room inspired by nature’s proximity, with a 1200 square meter wellness area.
The Showroom - Private Home in Budapest
The Showroom – Private Home in Budapest – Loft-style apartment, where the emphasis is on cement, concrete and resin combined with brick, but the real design delicacy is a real concrete workstation loft-style kitchen that has a spectacular effect on the whole style of the home.

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The Showroom - Office
The Showroom – Office – In the building, the kitchen, dining and lounge functions in one airspace. while workstations and meeting rooms are separated by a glass wall. The modern, youthful, creative atmosphere is created for the colleague working in the office by the gallery, the quiet “huts”, and the slider that offers active recharge.
The Showroom - Pre'Go Restaurant
The Showroom – Pre’Go Restaurant

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In The Showroom, the client can find everything from wallpaper to kitchen utensils, from chandeliers to carpets to sofas, from washbasins to garden furniture. It is important for The Showroom for the client to have a good time and to choose from comfortably, to plan so that the client can decide on one of the most important issues, their home. The Showroom is dog-friendly, so that the client can feel free to come with their pet.

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