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DesignBuild Homes - The Grange

DesignBuild Homes was created in 2002 out of the need to design to the clients’ needs, budget and schedule. The full custom design service and building service work with the in-house team with expertise in every area of building from the very first site visit until the handover.

DesignBuild Homes - Alderley
DesignBuild Homes – Alderley
DesignBuild Homes - Ascot
DesignBuild Homes – Ascot

DesignBuild Homes is one of South East Queenland’s leading custom home builders, with na extensive portfolio of quality designed and built homes. Their unique “concept to completion” approach means they have all the specialists in their team to manage your building journey from the clients’ initial concept through to handover.

DesignBuild Home specialist team has created homes for all types of typical and difficult sites, different client needs and situations and varying client budgets. Their strict project management means they guarantee the clients’ peace of mind that their home will be built on time and on budget so the clients’ only have to worry about enjoying the building experience.

DesignBuild Homes - Ashgrove 1
DesignBuild Homes – Ashgrove 1
DesignBuild Homes - Ashgrove 2
DesignBuild Homes – Ashgrove 2

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DesignBuild Home know that traditionally people looking to build a new home would go to an architect to design their home and then to a builder to build it. Often the design could not be built within the desired budget hence time and money was wasted.

South East Queensland has a unique array of home styles thus it is imperative to understand all these types of housing and their impacts on design and building. Since DesignBuild Homes was established, they have built an impressive portfolio of award-winning homes and an established reputation for creative design and quality construction.

DesignBuild Homes - Balmoral 2
DesignBuild Homes – Balmoral 2
DesignBuild Homes - Coorparoo
DesignBuild Homes – Coorparoo

DesignBuild Homes believes that building a home – be it to live in or as an investment, should be a wonderful experience. The three main elements that are the deciding factor to ensure this happens are design, schedule and budget. The unique concept to completion approach by DesignBuild covers all these stages so that the client can be confident that they only need to deal with them from the design sketch on paper until the client has the keys to their new home.

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DesignBuild Home offers a free initial design consultation and visit site. The initial design consultation is to understand the clients’ wish list, timeline and budget. They offer initial advice and answer preliminary questions to help the client understand their options. The initial site visit will help their architect fully understand the site and be inspired by the landscape and vistas. After this, their design team will look at the project and put forward plausible design option.

DesignBuild Homes - Fig Tree Pocket 1
DesignBuild Homes – Fig Tree Pocket 1
DesignBuild Homes - Hawthorne
DesignBuild Homes – Hawthorne

DesignBuild Home has a dedicated team of building specialists and project managers that design and plan the building of the clients’ new home right down to the last minute detail. This attention to detail and strict project management means the company can ensure that the clients’ home is built on schedule with a fixed price guarantee.

DesignBuild Homes - Samford
DesignBuild Homes – Samford
DesignBuild Homes - The Grange
DesignBuild Homes – The Grange

Every family’s home has needs and every lot is unique a DesignBuild has an extensive, award winning portfolio that includes all type of homes on typical and difficult lots.

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