Gensler: Design is Transformative

Starting in 1965, Gensler set itself as one of the world’s leaders when it comes to design. The company works all over the world with over 5000 professionals across 44 locations. The firm’s goal is to create more livable cities, by upgrading their workplace quality, and above all making people’s lives better.

Today, we bring you some of the most staggering projects by Gensler, spanning from resturants to stores for world renowed brands. For more information on the projects, don’t forget to check Gensler’s portfolio here.


Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan
Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

Accenture opened its Tokyo Innovation Hub as an experience-driven, state-of-art facility where employees collaborate with clients to turn new ideas into reality. The lower level “neighborhood” is a space for clients, researchers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and create. 

The design of the upper level is based on a traditional Japanese merchant house and provides a relaxing home atmosphere with a detached space for extended collaborative work sessions. Together, these spaces provide creative talent an environment to focus on their projects and bring together experts with varied backgrounds to immediately respond to client’s requests.

Edelman Hong Kong in Hong Kong, China
Edelman Hong Kong in Hong Kong, China

In expanding their existing Wan Chai offices, Edelman came to Gensler to create an active workplace with a relaxed environment. 

In order to incorporate existing low ceilings into the design while still creating a feeling of spaciousness, the floor plate was opened, expanding and visually connecting the space— and boosting collaboration and productivity in the process.

Although the number of desks was reduced, additional conference rooms and increased creative space accommodate both projected growth and teamwork—the crux of Edelman’s work process.

45 Fremont – San Francisco, California
45 Fremont – San Francisco, California

With the growth of our San Francisco office and a desire to practice what we preach, Gensler decided to transform the way we work and moved to 45 Fremont.

While a typical financial district hi-rise, it did provide a flexibility in leasing structures, a strong connection to the community, and a column-free floor plate that allowed us to design a space around the employee experience.

Creating a workshop that allowed everyone to contribute and collaborate, supported hands-on design, and leveraged one of our greatest assets— diversity of culture, education, and experience — quickly made a difference. The space works for us — not the other way around.

E. & J. Gallo Winery – Dry Creek Building (Modesto, California)
E. & J. Gallo Winery – Dry Creek Building (Modesto, California)

The Dry Creek Building brings together key business partners in a common location and is designed to help drive collaboration and innovation, ultimately helping to move Gallo’s business forward.

The new office building complements existing structures and is a central location between the campus’s multiple buildings, making is a vital hub for employees to gather, socialize, and collaborate.

E. & J. Gallo Winery wanted the Dry Creek Building to be classic, timeless, and of the earth. The building features access to views and daylight to bring the landscape inside.

Dwight-Englewood School Hajjar STEM Center

This new building at Dwight-Englewood embodies the school’s STEM mission, while still blending into the existing campus. Gensler designers found inspiration in the integrative STEM curriculum to create a facility that fosters a cross-disciplinary community and is adaptable to change.

Contrasting with the classrooms’ brick and wood façades, the warm cedar exterior also allows the building’s character to shift with the seasons.

Inside, seven flexible classrooms and eight science labs center around a double-height community area that serves as an “Innovation Hub” where students are free to explore. Moveable furniture, audio-visual capabilities and writable surfaces encourage students to “hack” the space and their own learning process.

The Banana Leaf Apolo, Singapore

A family-run Indian restaurant business in Singapore since 1974, the Banana Leaf Apolo wanted to branch out from shophouses to shopping malls.

Gensler was engaged to design Apolo’s latest outlet in Parkway Parade Mall in Singapore, as well as to create a new brand image that can help tap into a wider and more diverse clientele.

The resulting space and brand design exudes a modern welcoming front with touches of Indian flair, maintaining its authenticity to Indian culture, traditions, and dining conventions.

Adidas NYC
Adidas NYC

As a brand flagship and the company’s largest store worldwide, Adidas NYC celebrates creativity and sport using the new stadium retail concept.

Features include a tunnel entrance, stands for live-game viewing on big screens, locker rooms in place of dressing rooms, and track and field areas where consumers can test products.

Sustainability was prioritised by maintaining the building’s existing textures and finishes, which reduced the demand for new materials.

Temporary U.K. Parliament – London, United Kingdom
Temporary U.K. Parliament – London, United Kingdom

A proposed restoration of the Palaces of Westminster would require total decantation of the building for an estimated six years. In response, Gensler created a proposal for a modular structure located on the River Thames that could accommodate all the principle components of the current Houses of Parliament alongside the existing Member’s Terrace.

Gensler’s design creates a temporary Parliament in the same world-famous location and avoids the dispersion of core parliamentary activity to multiple locations while saving the British taxpayer more than £1.8 billion.

The 250-metre-long, high-tech wooden-framed structure would be built on steel platforms and could be completed in less than three years in shipyards across the UK before being floated along the Thames.


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