The Rugs Collection You Need For this Fall Winter Season

When decorating your place, it’s important not to forget about your floor. Afterall, rugs can have quite an impact on the ambience of your room, specially when we’re talking about big floor areas. Different textures, different colours and different sizes can shape your space completely depending on the characteristics you seek to bring into your space. This is the reason why we decided to make a rugs collection in order to give you some ideas of how you can make your floor look as good as the rest of your house in this Fall Winter season.

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Baltic Rug by Brabbu - Rugs Collection
BALTIC Rug by Brabbu

The Scandinavian Peninsula is the home of the Baltic Sea. The water in this sea owns different shades of blue. This was the inspiration to the BALTIC Rug. It brings both the tranquility as well as the fierceness of the sea into your place, and uses the different blue shades in order to bring closeness to nature. It’s made of hand-tufted dyed wool.

Enz Rug II - Rugs Collection
Enz Rug II by Brabbu

In the German state of Baden-Württemberg we can find the Black Forest. A forest famous for its astonishing landscapes ready to be admired by those in love with nature. The Enz Rug II was inspired by the gorgeous nature of the Black Forest and by its hiking trails. It’s made out of hand-tufted tencel.

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KAIWÁ by Brabbu

Kaiwá is the language spoken by the indigenous people of Brazil named Guarani-Kaiowás. The tropical rainforest areas are their home, which makes them one of the toughest people in the world since they have to deal with very difficult weather conditions. The KAIWÁ Rug is a homage to this people and to their culture. It’s a wool rug that can definitely put you in the peak of the winter fall trends.


The KASAI Rug II is inspired by the river Kasai that flows through Central Africa. This river is crucial to give life to a sandy place surrended by infertile soil.  The irregular pattern of the KASAI Rug II seeks to pay a tribute to earth and to water by presenting blue and light brown motifs. The blue also symbolizes their hidden wealth – diamonds. Its colors are perfect for your home decore when it comes to prepare an environement for the current fall winter trends.

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The literal translation for Warao is “the boat people”.  Warao is the name of indigenous people from the northeastern Venezuela and western Guyana. They are strictly bound to water, a symbol that you can find in the WARAO Rug. Its simplicity really seeks to embody the WARAO people while at same times it promises to look amazing in your living room by fulfilling it with culture. The Warao is a hand-tufted rug.

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The Bemba are a group of people that belong to the Northern province, Luapula and Copperbelt Provinces of Zambia. They are usually named after animals or natural organisms. Like most african cultures, they have a strong sense of closeness and their tradition passes from one generation to another. Those connections between generations are one of the main motifs we chose for the creation of the BEMBA Rug. The BEMBA Rug is black and grey and has been created to honor this african group. The rug is made of hand-tufter wool.

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It’s in Alaska that we can find the Yupik. The Yupik are a group of indigenous people that carry through many generations their traditions connected to family values. They spend their spring and summer at fishing camps, and in winter they joined the rest of the village. Their resilience and resistance in finding food and surviving the cold weather makes them so special, that these traits were transported into the design of the YUPIK Rug. The YUPIK is a hand-tufted dyed wool rug, that would look amazing in your rugs collection since it will add to it a sense of belonging and warmth.


The Kubeo tribe is found in the heart of the Colombian Amazon. The roots of this people, the way they connect to nature and their respect for their heritage and culture was the inspiration to the creation of this rug. The KUBEO Rug is made in hand-knotted super dyed wool and its motifs are based on a mixture of tribal and savage shapes by picking up green it its grandeur as a way to honor the Amazon forest.

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The poppy is a flower with multiple meanings. It can symbolize revolution, beauty, peace, dream and fertility among other meanings, depending on the country and its history. Either way it is a delicated flower always good to have around. In a time like the fall winter season, it would be amazing to have its motifs around. This is all that the POPPY Rug represents. The rug is 100% wool and it will add a symbol of fertility to your rugs collection in this windy season.

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