The Fireplaces Setting Trends this Fall Winter Season

Fireplaces are perhaps the best element to add in a living room to make it a cosy, extremely comfortable place, especially when it comes to this fall winter season. Fireplaces are quite essential. Not only due to the heat, but also concerning its design, since it can definitely change a place by the atmosphere they create. This is why we bring you an assemble of some of the most trendy and luxurious fireplaces for your living room.

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fall winter season
Musa Fireplace by Foogo

Inspired by the Mali Emperor, the Musa Fireplace by Foogo will bring into your living room the same feeling of luxury lived by Mansa Musa in the 14th century. This fireplace is inspired by the richest man the has ever walked on Earth. The materials used are matte brass with green marble top in order to give it a sophisticated yet historical enhance. A fantastic choice for the fall winter season.

fall winter season
186WS by Modus Fireplaces

186 WS is a bespoke gas fireplace created by the british interior designer Laura Hammett. It’s finishing trim and hearth coupled with the internal back wall design of the fire turns this piece of contemporary art into a great choice for your living room decor. Its versatility is so present that it can be both a modern gas fire and a traditional wood fire.

fall winter season
ERUPTION Wall Fire by Foogo

Since fire is a classical element, and its discovery during the early ages was one of humanity’s most staggering achievements, Foogo created a piece that is a complete ode to it. The Eruption Wall Fire embodies the power of volcanoes and their outburst against mother Earth. This fireplace incorporates electrical fire together with the heating system. It’s made out of brushed stainless steel.

fall winter season
TC36 SEE-THRU by Town and Country Luxury Fireplaces

TC36 See-Thru is the perfect fireplace for your open plan. Due to its see-throughness, this fireplace presents itself as extremely modern. It conveys tall flames inside its glass box structure and it works both with natural gas or propane. It can literally bring artistry into two rooms at once.


Flowers are the most symbolic elements when we think of nature. But what if that nature could be transfered into our living room? This is why Foogo created a piece that carries strenght and blossom just like a real flower: the Bloom Wall Fire. It will turn your place into a more beautiful and natural environment. It’s made out of brushed stainless steel.

fall winter season
Ortal 130 LS Corner Fireplace by Ortal Heat

The Ortal 130 Corner Fireplace by Ortal Heat, brings a untraditional side to the table. In this case, into your living room. This fireplace can be manufactured both wide or narrow, cozy or imposing. The fact that it’s made for a corner makes this piece the focus of any living room due to its bold and creative design, making it a trend in the fall winter season.

Grasberg Fire Pit by Foogo

The gold, copper and silver mine of Grasberg in Indonesia served as the inspiration for the creation of this piece. The Grasberg Fire Pit by Foogo reached the perfect balance between craftsmanship and fine materials. The inpiration and richness of nature mixes with a strong sense of luxury and design in a piece made out of rusty corten steel.

fall winter season
The Odeon by Chesneys

Right before the First World War, the beginning of the Art Deco movement changed the world of art and design. Its motifs can still be found in the Odeon, a product by Chesneys. This fireplace incorporates receding rectangles carved from solid Limestone, making it an historical ode to the art and architectural scene of the beginning of the 20th century.

fall winter season
Olympus Fire Pit by Foogo

Inspired by the greek gods of the big Mount Olympus, the Olympus Fire Pit by Foogo will fill your place with mythology, warmth and above all, comfort. It reminisces of the Athenas torch, the glorious Olympic Flame that embodies a strong sense of heroism and strenght. It’s made of brushed stainless steel and rusty corten steel details.

fall winter season
il Canto del Fuoco by Antonio Lupi

The il Canto del Fuoco by italian designer Antonio Lupi is an inconventional fireplace. Its design makes it look like a folded sheet of paper has just been pulled back, giving the piece a third dimension element. This gives the fireplace a dynamic configuration that mixed with its steel and lacquered finish makes this piece unique.

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