Ravishing Open Plan Ideas for Your Living Room

Nowadays the concept of open plan spaces has become more and more conventional. It’s not as strange as it used to be to think of places like a kitchen-diner or a home office in the middle of your living room. In fact, this can give your space a way more sophisticated essence and modern look. This is why we decided to present you the best open plan ideas for you place. Be sure to use these tips if you’re interested in creating a space like this.

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How to create a perfect fusion

The way you unite two rooms in just one space needs order. So, the first idea would be to play with your decor colors in the best way possible. For instance, make sure than the color of the walls and the textures are duplicated. If not, you should go for softer textures in one of the areas.

How to unite and divide

A perfect example on how to unite two rooms and still make sure they are distinct is by doing a smart ceiling treatment. You can use wood boards in one of the spaces so it will look like you entered a completely different room. You can also use dividers so the barrier between one space and the other becomes even more evident.

Add focus

ravishing open plan ideas living room design
Betty Wasserman

A good way for each area to make a statement is if you add a different element on each of them, in order to make the limiting area more clear. You can do this by adding a piece of furniture with a bolder color, or any piece with a more exquisite look, in order to make that same piece the main focus of the area.

Use furniture as a marker

The obvious way to limit spaces is to use furniture. Using a couch or an armchair immediately indicates that you’ve just entered the living room area, the same happens if you choose the perfect bar chairs for you kitchen.

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