Africa – Top 5 of the Best Artists

The land on which one men made their first steps, on which one we find nowaday some of the most splendid landscapes of the world and where culture is drowned under an unlimited wealth, is on the front line. Africa. The colorfull continent didn’t had an easy life and the african young generation need a huge amount of fresh air. “You are the judges of the eternal Africa, you are the judge of the new world that will be tomorow” such as Léopold Sédar Senghor, Senegalese president during 20 years, say to his people. I invite you to discover african design and those incredible artists and designers !




Aissata Namoko

Afrique - Top 5 des Designers Nouvelle Génération Aissata Namoko

Aissata Namoko


Bogolan technic (Africa)

A pillow decorated and colored with the Bogolan technic 


Weaving women for the association Djiguiyaso  


Aissata Namoko is a woman of conviction. She founded an association called Djiguiyaso based at Bamako in Mali and she allowed to hundreds of women to find a job profitable to the textil industry from the country. Using a traditionnal technic from western Africa called Bogolan, those women are creating splendid indigo colors on coton fabrics 100% organic. Thanks to their skills on crochet, weaving, spinning and seam technics, they can produce dresses or scarf, decorate pillows or create curtains. In 2010, the association was recognize for its work by the UNESCO.


Kofe Club, Lagos, Nigeria (Africa)


Warpaint brand


DÁ means “create” in Yoruba, the traditional language of Nigeria. The brand allows you to discover the African lifestyle through out its creations, it connect passed, present and futur of the african heritage. Thanks to DÁ, you will create the identity of your brand such as the Kofe Club did in Lagos or Warpaint, a cosmetic brand. DÁ wish to give authenticity and consistence to the culture of its country.


– For a design inspired by nature – 



Line chair Collection


Àdùnní Collection

Ilé-Ilà was launch in 2017 by Tosin Oshinowo and already offer you a small collection of design armchairs in several colors. The guideline of the brand is : local craftmanship and long lifetime products. The designer, Tosin was trained as an architect and offered buildings with a minimalist design. So we are kind of surprised todiscover those colorfull armchairs that express a true explosion of feelings. The inspiration is nature and we can notice it by the name of each piece. Àràbà  that  means Ancient tree, Òkín, the majestuous peacock or Alààfíà  that means peace. Ilé-Ilà is a strong identity brand to follow the next years.


Bobbo (Gilbert) Ahiagble

Bobbo weaving (Africa)

Bobbo Ahiagble weaving


Works from Bobbo Ahiagble


Bobbo Ahiagble or Gilbert Ahiagble is coming from a weaving family in Ghana. He is born in 1944 and he is a legend in th weaving world. Regularly invited to teach his art all around the world, Bobbo also created a school called Craft Institute of Kente Weaving, on his home town Denu, close to Agbozume. He made several exhibition in USA in 1975 and then, in the National Museum of African Art. He is considered as one of the biggest influencer ever on its domain and he imposed his style to world with elegance and simplicity.


– For a design inspired by nature – 


Damola Rufai

Works on lines and colours 


 Esho lightings 


Oya chairs


Coming from Lagos in Nigeria, Damola Rufai was trained as an architect. His work is really conceptual and link Art and design at the same time. He is playing with lines and colours. Rufai is also studying the functionnality of objects in its creation. Have you ever saw this blue chair, with a paper build appearance ? Aren’t you afrais that it collapse at any time ? The artists is experimenting patterns, graphism, support, turn around an idea again and again in the possible sens. Damola Rufai made a remarked appearance at the Salone Del Mobile 2018, it is an artist to follow really carefully.




In this article you will only find a small sample of what we can discover nowaday in Africa. As an example, I didn’t talked here about design agencies like Soka design that are showing off proudly the culture of a continent that will soon explode in the design world.


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