BRABBU Exclusive Interview With Interior Designer Adriana Scartaris

For 32 years, the designer and plastic artist Adriana Scartaris has developed interior design projects, combining her contemporary style and the particular universe of each client. Always aligned with her academic knowledge, her works have won special touches throughout her career, such as complementary therapy techniques and the creation of exclusive pieces of design that have earned her publications in several specialized magazines, awards and participation in renowned shows. BRABBU was honored to make this Interior Designer some questions, that will help you to know her work and inspirations.

Interior Designer Adriana Scartaris

How did it happen that you got involved into the interior design Industry?

Since I was a child I always loved to draw. My story with the interior design started very early. When I was 14 in 1976, my father took me to a reputable design school and simply sign me up in one of the best courses at the time.My father was a self-taught designer, who in the 1960s started producing steel furniture and very elaborate carpentry finishes. He built a very respected high-end furniture factory in Brazil and was responsible for developing the product lines until the year 1980 when I started to create with him. 

In fact, I was a very young girl and I had no idea what to expect in the course; but he knew very well what I wanted and was right. I fell in love with everything that involves interior design and furniture design and never stopped studying on the subject ever in search of more knowledge.

Interior Designer Adriana Scartaris

What is your philosophy on design and life?

I feel that design is the union between the needs of the body and the desires of the soul. I know that in a world that often seeks only profit as a result of mass production, this thought may seem poetic, but to me it is impossible to conceive a design that does not meet the needs of body and soul at the same time. The design realizes dreams, provokes emotions, tells stories, brings well-being. All of these feelings are translated into shapes, colors and textures that enter through the eyes, touch the body and enchant the mind.

What is an interior design style you dislike?

I don´t like a style that has no personality, one that is produced just to appear on a magazine cover or that shows a house where it looks like no one lives there. I believe that all styles can translate interesting personalities and when they are designed with balance, they are beautiful.

What is your own favorite project?

I have two projects that I love. They are not my biggest projects but I really like their stories. One is called “Identidade Brasileira” and the other, “Skyline São Paulo”. Both were very interesting to create and execute.

Interior Designer Adriana Scartaris

Skyline São Paulo – Photo by Paulo Barros

Choosing the best pieces to compose a project can be the secret to getting the best overall result. Do you have some tips for those who do not know well how to start a challenge like this?

Today’s big companies have amazing teams with highly skilled designers who create very harmonious whole lines. Depending on the client’s investment intent, the professional who does not know how to start and overcome this challenge can compose their environments with a complete line of products from a single company, since everyone will surely be in harmony.

It is also possible to select neutral basic pieces with simpler lines, but without giving up the quality and leave the centers of interest of their environments to more elaborate and noble pieces that also brings a great result.

Either way, the interior professional always needs to be up to date with market trends and brands launches. Knowing, understanding and anticipating tendencies makes the professional complete, and his projects eternal because they will always have soul and will be aligned with any time.

What do you love most about being an interior designer?

The ability to transform. I love to see an empty space and then completely transform it. I love the challenge of discovering each client’s identity and history traits and translating into a space that is their refuge and their nest of warmth. A space where he always wants to return. It makes me happy and makes me feel special.

Interior Designer Adriana Scartaris

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