Summer Trends – 10 Inspiring Designs For A Refreshing Interior Design

Summer trends are the topic for today since the season is approaching, as well as the need for brand new home decor. But where to begin?? Why not start with the living room interior design. It’s the perfect place to accommodate the new season, and, more importantly, your loved ones.

Need help with new modern interior design for your living room? BRABBU gives you 10 refreshing trends of inspirational home designs.


Shiny, colourful and wooden pieces are essential elements to give your home a spring/summer vibe. Wood pieces like SEQUOIA Center Table make you feel closer to nature.

Besides, making you feel outdoorsy, it has a grounding and connecting factor – LALLAN Center Table – when combining items that differ in texture and in colour – MALAY Sofa and NAU Sofa.

Hosting a dinner party for your family or friends over the summer is challenging. A wooden design furniture piece can make all the difference due to its calming and energetic feeling. Enjoy the power that APIS Dining Table II has.

Cooper items is definitely a trend still. Match the colour of your upholstery – SIKA Armchair – with those pieces and with the wooden floor and you have a winner interior design style.

If you like little speckles of gold but nothing too obvious, pieces like the KOI Dining Table II, with the NANOOK Dining Chair and the CYGNUS Display, make a perfect blend with the HORUS Suspension Light II and the ORION Cabinet.


Another example of good contrast between wood design items and colour: the BELIZE Mirror with the NAZCA Sideboard and the light ESSEX Armchairs.

Bright coloured elements are always a good way to go and express summer all over one room. MAYA Armchairs in yellow are perfect for that job.

A gold piece like CYPRUS Floor Light while putting together with a bold coloured piece – INCA Armchair and SIKA 2 Seat Sofa – is a match made in heaven. It brings a positive energy that is all you need for this season.

Would you like a bold but still subtle piece? Maybe a marble and gold piece – AGRA Dining Table – in the middle of a bright coloured wall. It will grab the attention of everyone.

An even bolder item? Go all out and get the ANDARA Console. You won’t regret it. Along with the KAYAN Mirror and VELLUM Wall Light, this is the perfect entryway to receive the summer. Summer is the time to get creative and bold. Go and make your own blends of colour and wood with a little (a lot) of gold on top.


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