This Autumn’s Interior Trend You Need To Know: Grey Home Decor

Autumn Grey Interior


This autumn interior trend is grey for home decor, and all different shades of it. Anything to reflect the silvery winter weather in your home decor. From pearls to silvery snowy trees coming up in winter these greys are helping us to prepare for the cold weather snuggled up inside but secretly waiting for the snow and finally see those crisp shades outside.

Essex Chair Grey

The elegant and sophisticated colour in fact works all year round but grey is particularly on trend for this autumn 2016 in home decor.


Psychologists have said that it is calming as well as evoking a sense of belonging, inclusion and security. It is known as the colour of compromise which makes it a perfect colour for your home decor, especially when you already have other bold colours in the room as it will neither clash nor take away. There is no chance of this neutral colour over powering your home decor colour scheme!

Bemba Rug Grey

You can chose between yellow based greys which are warmer and reminiscent of charcoal and it’s warm flames or blue based greys which are usually cold and will have your home decor reflect the frost silver winter wonderland we have coming our way! Mix it in to your living room, dining room or even bedroom with our suggested stool, armchair, dining chair, sofa or rug!

yoho carrara home decor

It pairs perfectly with almost any colour as it itself is not a colour so becomes impossible to clash with. Grey can be perfectly coordinated with any colour you have in your house as well as adding its sophisticated and elegant touches to any room you need to decorate.

Nuka home decor

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