SCÈNES D’INTÉRIEUR: Best of Germany on Maison et Objet Hall 7


Germany manufactures have presented their news at Maison et Objet this January, in Paris. Between the list there is Hering Berlin, Klaus Dupont and Fürstenberberg. We present you the news of this Germany exhibitors at Maison et Objet Paris 2016.

furstenberger best of germany maison et objet 2016

Hering Berlin – The essence of the well-laid table – the Hering Berlin factory

HERING BERLIN, is the leading brand for contemporary handcrafted porcelain. With purism HERINGBERLIN creates a new look for a traditional material.

The factory was founded in Berlin in 1992 by Stefanie Hering, designer, master craftswoman and ceramics expert. Imbued with her personality and creative energy, Hering Berlin today produces crockery, drinking glasses, table textiles and lamps.

Stefanie Hering’s exceptional abilities include, in addition to her unique visual creativity, the extraordinary craftsman-like skill required to be able to produce formally sophisticated designs in dimensions that push the boundaries of what can be made in porcelain. This results from the constant striving to extend and fill in our knowledge of the possibilities for hand-made porcelain.

hering berlin best hall 7 germany maison et objet

Dupont – Pieces of Art

The artist, Klaus Dupont, presented at Maison et Objet Paris his current collection with unique pieces of art: compositions of feathers, corals, cristals, horns, antique elements.

“He makes the world more colorful, beautiful and a bit mysterious.” in the the words of

Dupont best hall 7 germany Dupont best hall 7 germany 2

Fürstenberg – Unique craftsmanship and exclusive porcelain

FÜRSTENBERG has specialised in unique craftsmanship and exclusive porcelain manufacture since 1747. This traditional company from Lower Saxony is now setting new standards in porcelain manufacture with its premium collections featuring upmarket tableware design of the highest quality. The FÜRSTENBERG portfolio ranges from dinner services and gift items to unique designer pieces.

furstenberger maison et objet 2016