Home Design Trends for 2016

2016 Decoration trends

New trends have been appearing every year and reviewing some 2015 projects, it is possible to forecast some trends for the year that is just now beginning. From black stainless steel appliances to outdoor fabrics used indoors, these design trends will be huge in the 12 next months, for home goods and home design.

  1. Two-tone kitchen cabinets

Home Design Trends for 2016

When looking for kitchen ideas, consider different color tones for your cabinets. On the upper cabinets use white or neutral to open up your space and then explore darker and edgy tones on the lower ones.

  1. Outdoor fabrics used indoors

Trends for 2016

There are hardly no difference between exterior and interior fabrics, apart from their resistance and durability.  As a reason, home decorators are using exterior fabrics for high-traffics rooms like dining rooms and living rooms.

  1. Colored stainless steel appliances

Trends for 2016

Kitchen design is about to get darker and home appliances manufactures are following this trend by presenting black stainless collections for your kitchen ideas.

  1. Extra-large format tile

Trends for 2016 2016 home design will be about extra-large format tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, like the one in the picture with a large tile surrounding a fireplace.

  1. Formal dining rooms

2016 Decoration trends

The house design has to be in accordance with the homeowners’ lifestyle and not everyone desires a relaxed dining room. People who entertain themselves quite frequently, prefer formal and classy dining room interiors to gather special meals.

  1. Statement mirrors in bathroom

Home Design Trends for 2016 Once medicine cabinets and today statement mirrors for modern house designs. Large wood-framed, backlit modern marvels and ornated vintage gems, they will take your bathroom design to a whole new level.

  1. Barely there kitchens

Home Design Trends for 2016 As kitchen layouts become more open, get down walls, doors and decor your home to be airy, with fluid spaces that serve multiple functions. Give more space to your home design.

  1. Living rooms that ditch the tech for family.

Home Design Trends for 2016 With all the digital connection and screen time that homeowners are exposed, being able to have a clam, relaxed, screen free space is a dream came true. Therefore, home decorators are considering these screen free rooms in their home design.

  1. Fully decorated living rooms that don’t go overboard

Home Design Trends for 2016 If you don’t know if you have decorated enough or too much look at this picture. House design is about scale, light and function to reach the right balance.

  1. Sunrooms

Home Design Trends for 2016 Sunrooms make it possible to enjoy sun while reading a book or while having a relaxing moment. Even if you don’t have one, you can take advantage of a small window corner for your sunny space.

  1. Attention-seeking bedrooms

Home Design Trends for 2016 Another 2016 trend are bedroom designs that transform contemporary bedrooms in cozy and rustic sanctuaries.

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