Airports Michelin Star Restaurants: You’ll Wish For a Delayed Flight

Michelin Star Porta Gaig at El Prat Airport Spain cover

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The worst passengers nightmare at an airport is delayed flights. However, airports michelin star restaurants are stepping up the quality of airports’ facilities. From recent years, airports started to pay more attention to their passengers, building comfortable areas for sleeping and fun areas for entertainment. On-site spas, fitness classes, in-house hotels and museums are some of the amenities that one can find in some of the world’s most crowded airports. Passengers will start asking for their flights to be delayed!

michelin star restaurants
By introducing michelin star restaurants inside terminals, airports are improving their food offer with a more classy dining experience, matching the demand of high-income travellers.

Top Air at Stuttgart Airport – Germany michelin star restaurants

Opened in 2013, Stuttgart Airport in Germany has the world’s only airport restaurant featuring the list of michelin star restaurants . Chef Marco Akuzun serves gourmet food at European prices from the Swabian Alpes.

Porta Gaig at El Prat Airport – Spain

In porta Gaig, room design was left to Architect Ricard Bofill. The room decoration is featured with minimalist décor with panoramic windows and modern furniture. The Chef, Charles Gaig, is a Michelin-starred who also owns restaurants in Barcelona.

Plane Food at London Heathrow Airport – UK

One of the most famous chefs staring at guide Michelin restaurants is Chef Gordon Ramsay. The chef, restauranteur, TV personality and author has seven Michelin stars, 25 restaurants around the world, being one of them at Heathrow airport.

Saison at Newark Liberty International Airport – New Jersey

Michelin Star Porta Gaig at El Prat Airport Spain

New Jersey French Bistro Saison is also runned by a Michelin star, Chef Alain Ducasse. In fact, he owns six Michelin Stars. At the Bistro, travellers can have foie gras, cop au vin and many other French specialties.

Altitude at Geneva International Airport – Switzerland

Altitude is a culinary concept serving classic French food at terminal 1, on Geneva airport. This airport restaurant is a joint venture of two Michelin stars: Gilles Dupont and Thomas Byrne.

Cotto at LaGuardia Airport – New York

Michelin-starred chef Michael White is behind Cotto which opened at LaGuardia Airport. The room decoration is in black-and-white checkered tile, floor-to-ceiling windows and sea foam green chairs.

I Love Paris at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport – France

Michelin star Cotto at LaGuardia Airport New York

Opened this summer at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, the aptly named I Love Paris restaurant is helmed by three Michelin-starred Chef Guy Martin. Decorating ideas came from India Mahdavi, who brought inspiration from the Palais Royal.

Lamoraga at Malaga-Costa Del Sol International Airport – Spain

Lamoraga at Malaga airport is all about Andalusian tapas. The Chef Dani Garcia, boasts contemporary interpretations of traditional Spanish gastronomic culture and cutting-edge culinary techniques.

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