Interview with Isabelle Miaja: How Career Balances with Personal Life

Today we will be talking about the Interview with Isabelle Miaja for Home’Society Magazine. Isabelle Miaja is an interior designer who first started working in Beverly Hills and then moved to Asia to broaden her horizons. In this interview, she talked about all her experiences, how she had to learn a new way of life and how to deal with a new culture, while thriving to establish her reputation in the interior design field and expand her skills to a whole new level. Let’s take a sneak peek into her career and personal life.

Interview with Isabelle Miaja

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Interview – Sneak Peek

interview with Isabelle Miaja

Work and passion. This is how Isabelle Miaja would define the early beginning of her career. Although interior designing is her passion, she clarifies that it is needed to put a lot of time and patience. “We are not talking about just beautiful colours and textures, and I’m sure a lot of people can do that on their own, but when you are setting a project from scratch there is a lot of construction that actually needs to be learnt about”.

project by Isabelle Miaja
Project by Isabelle Miaja

I read somewhere that you have to learn from your mistakes, one never learns, as much, from doing things perfectly.

In order to get somewhere, and be recognised, Isabelle Miaja points out the need to fail. “You have to really try and fall and try and fall until you really feel that you got something you can count on”. 

project by Isabelle Miaja
Project by Isabelle Miaja

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She first worked in Beverly Hills but then moved to a whole different country and culture. About this, Isabelle Miaja says that, when it comes to the design process, it doesn’t change much. Instead, is more about knowledge and the place where you are working and the people you are working for. About this, she says there are a lot of differences in the people’s approaches to the environment, and this takes her to rethink many times about the next step. But it is also very encouraging.

Interview with Isabelle Miaja

About her work at Miaja Design Group, she says that a project that she loves is a project that allows her to imagine and come up with a new world without any boundaries. About this, they are currently working on a renovation of a project in Vietnam which she is very keen on. “ I love renovations, it’s almost like an animal changing its skin”, she said.

project by Isabelle Miaja
Project by Isabelle Miaja

I think that any space in the world can become an oasis and is up to us how we transform it.

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