10 Living Room Decor Inspiration from Instagram

Living Room Decor Inspiration from Instagram

Living Room Decor Inspiration from Instagram is going to be today’s topic! The living room should be the soft spot where everyone living at the house should feel the most of home. It is the soft spot to relax and unwind after a long day. The living room’s purpose is to give us a spot to rest and gather with the people we love, even if it does not have the shape or size we wish it had, we can create it as a place where the stories and memories of our lives will be sewn into the fabrics of the sofas and pillows.

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Living Room Decor Inspiration from Instagram

On a daily basis, it may serve as a resting place, however, it is also where we receive our guests: meaning we have to make this room as welcoming to our family when they want to kick back but also as a place for our guests to relax. When furnishing a living room we look for something beautiful and comfortable, practical and livable.

10 Living Room Decor Inspiration from Instagram

Living Room Decor Inspiration from Instagram

The living room needs a sofa, a coffee table, a table lamp, or a chandelier, a chair or an armchair; the placing of these products give shape to the room. Every living room should be the unique footprint of the family inhabiting the home. Living Room is a space where we spent much of our time and because of that today we bring you 10 living rooms ideas.

Living Room Decor Inspiration from Instagram

This contemporary classic living room comprises two WALES six-seater round sofas, two NAJ armchairs, custom-made LURAY centre table, four MECCA II side tables and AMIK table lights, the WHITE garden rug by Rug’Society and a NAICCA suspension light. The classic fireplace is sided by two built-in bookcases inspired in the NAZCA sideboard, and two PADAUNG stools by BRABBU.

All living rooms should be the unique footprint of the family which inhabits the home. This modern living room with neutral colours stands out the beauty of our best seller rug ‑ Cell neutral rug by Rug’Society

Who said that rugs were made only for the floors? ADLER is a hand-tufted rug by Rug’Society, with natural wool and botanical silk, and it’s the proof that we can have a piece of art into our spaces.

Good Gray is a fashionable color, associated with sustainability. A minimalistic color trend that gives a sense of belonging and security, that works all year. The gray version of the Cell rug by Rug’Society is unique with a pattern in grey hues that makes any living room decor look instantly more modern!

A modern take on the simplicity and lack of colours that BRABBU and Rug’Society can also offer. Although it barely features colour, this great living room looks absolutely dashing.

Living rooms are capable of being art if they are decorated with the utmost care and love that a person can give them. If you are unsure that you can do it, then look no further than this great lifestyle inspiration, with BRABBU’s LALLAN Center Table, MAMBU Bookcase, WALES II Sofa, and the NUI Stool by BRABBU combining with neutral colours OCLI rug by Rug’Society.

The Inca Empire was a remarkable civilisation known for its brilliantly weaved and coloured clothes. INCA Armchair by BRABBU took inspiration from this compelling culture. Upholstered in cotton velvet and with legs in ebony wood veneer with a glossy varnish, this mid-century modern accent chair will stand beautifully in a living room set.

Should you need any rug that exudes elegance and grace, the HERON rug by Rug’Society is a one‑of‑a‑kind rug that does just that. The elegant species present in this rug takes us on a spiritual journey, to find ourselves. Hand‑made and created with Botanical Silk.

his mid-century living room is full of details that bring some fun into the interior design. The Apollo neutral rug by Rug’Society with its strong and powerful design was inspired by the god of youth and light, primarily identified as a solar divinity, one of the most eclectic divinities of Greco-Roman mythology.

Sophisticated living room with GEORGE Sofa and HORUS II Suspension Light by BRABBU with a pink touch from HERON rug by Rug’Society.

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10 Living Room Decor Inspiration from Instagram

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