7 Best Interior Designers Based In Russia

7 Best Interior Designers Based In Russia

We all know that Russia is a country surrounded by art, mainly in the capital, Moscow. As proof of this, we present the 7 best projects of interior designers in Russia, they will definitely bring your home the refinement and comfort you need.

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2.Rubleva Design

Maria Rubleva has a highly qualified team of specialists behind her group that creates functional and brings atmospheric designs to life. The designer aims to bring comfort, style, and luxury to every project that comes across her desk. Truly a great designer compared to other interior designers.

3.Quadro Room

Quadro Room has a specialized team of professional interior designers that inspire themselves on attitude and lifestyle, resulting in projects that have unique features and successful characteristics.

4.Roman Plyrus

Roman Plyus is best known for his incredible and unique designs, especially his restaurant design in Budapest. The designer is fantastic at creating unique and impressive projects that will stand out.

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5.AB Architects

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6.Alexander Kozlov Interiors

Alexander Kozlov Interiors is an interior design company based in Moscow. BRABBU had the pleasure of working with Alexander Kozlov Interiors and is now very proud to share with you a new colourful residential project where you will find an interesting mix between classic modern, alongside some beautiful pops of colour.

7.Leyla Uluhanli Interiors

Leyla Ulahnli studio was established in 2005 and is renowned for creating impeccable spaces, designing timeless interiors combined with top trends with refined classics.

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