Lemonbe – Colour Therapy Design, the Ambience Harmonisation You Need

Lemonbe - Colour Therapy Design, the Ambience Harmonisation You Need

LEMONBE is a Mexican design firm that creates everything from colourful living spaces to fashion-inspired projects, in order to connect you with some positive vibes through the right colour tones.

Inspired by the personality and lifestyle of each client, this interior design firm seeks to be the first firm to create amazing contemporary design projects full of colour and positive feelings. “I love colour, I think it is an incredible tool of expression and how human beings have their own interpretation of its meaning.”

Lemonbe - Colour Therapy Design, the Ambience Harmonisation You Need

What started as an online platform of colour palette adviser in 2012, throughout these years LEMONBE created by Lucia Gonzalez Duran has become created more than 100 spaces with their unique Color Therapy Methodology in order to inspire and give life and excitement to their home decor. 

“What I like the most about my work is to design, thinking about the emotions that our space will give to the clients. I greatly enjoy the process of our color therapy design methodology where, together with our clients, we understand the colors and textures that generate positive feelings”

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The challenge was to create an amazing interior design firm specialised in colour shades. The LEMONBE brand, that started as a simple online website specialised in Spanish content for a specific market, began generating valuable information to turn them in a colour expert.

After 7 years of experience, the interior design firm created by Lucia Gonzalez has invested in more than 100 design projects through its famous colour therapy design methodology. The LEMONBE studio has developed several interior design projects for renowned brands and clients, such as Mies Van de Rohe, Frank Loyd Wright, Zaha Hadid, and Yves Klein.

With high-quality services of interior design, custom furniture design and project consulting, the LEMONBE interior design firm feature a wide range of popular contemporary design projects where colour is the big star.

“This year we have growth plans, we pursuit to reach more people through our online counseling services. We believe that we all have the right to have a well-designed space, a space that excites us and makes us feel proud. It does not have to be expensive or very sophisticated to have harmony and provoke pleasant emotions”

Lemonbe - Colour Therapy Design, the Ambience Harmonisation You Need

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When creating their contemporary design projects, LEMONBE’s goal is to add a touch of happiness, fulfilment, energy, and tranquillity to the interior design.  Lucia’s signature style is all about the free sense of aesthetics. “Free, my style adapts to the essence of each person, We design without thinking about fashion tendencies or the usual.”

 This inspiring partnership set by the LEMONBE team has the goal to understand the clients’ personal path so that the interior design can correspond with their expectations.

Lemonbe - Colour Therapy Design, the Ambience Harmonisation You Need

“Our inspiration comes from the history of the person, we care about our customers so that they can feel proud of their space, and we achieve this when we design thinking about them and their emotional needs”

All spaces designed by the LEMONBE design team correspond to a colourful version of the clients’ personality, no matter the design trends.

“The trend at this moment has to do with principles of well-being, rupture, functionality. (…)  If we talk about an inner tendency we would have to talk about the personalised, what is made for you, what makes sense with what you are, what connects with your emotions and makes you vibrate in a positive way, the best reflection of you; environments that make you feel good”

According to Lucia, LEMONBE‘s founder, the sequence of patterns or the breaking of formats and sizes changes according to the measurements of the actual space, which these days are much smaller than in the past few years. The contemporary interior designers had to adopt new ways of relating o the environment and present some functional solutions.

For example the open kitchen concept replaced the “isolated room integrating to the dining room and allowing to have wider spaces (when removing the wall from the kitchen you generate visual amplitude, although the square meters of space are the same with or without a wall, you make a difference in terms of perception of spatial dimension).”

Lemonbe - Colour Therapy Design, the Ambience Harmonisation You Need

The ultimate goal is to improve “the satisfaction of people in relation to the feeling that their space provokes over time. From living spaces of fashion to spaces that connect you with something positive through a correct selection of colors”

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When questioned about the future of the design world, the LEMONBE founder, Lucia Gonzalez, explained that the industry will be focused on the clients’ needs, whether they are emotional or physical, since it is one of the best ways to connect with the human emotions and well-being. 

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