Hot Spot in Cruise Interior Design: Branson’s new line Virgin Voyages

British entrepreneur Richard Branson made Virgin Group famous for the astonishing number of businesses associated to his group. After being envolved in many sectors such as health, aerospace, travelling, retail and communications, Branson now invested in a cruise ship line, which he named Virgin VoyagesWe bring you a sneak peak into the interior design of the first of his cruise ships which will only launch in 2020 in Miami. Its construction is still under development at the Fincantieri shipyard in the italian port city of Genoa.

The name will be an homage to women: Scarlet Lady. A mermaid will be its main symbol and the cruise’s employment program will give women more respectable positions in fields that are usually occupied by men.

The ship will have a capacity of about 2700 passengers and has an adult-only policy.

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Restaurant Area

Until now only the interior design of two of the restaurants were previewed: Pink Agave, which is a Mexican Restaurant and The Test Kitchen, which owns a laboratory silver asthetic.

The entrance of the mexican restaurant Pink Agave decorated by american designer Tom Dixon. The entrance features lighting fixures that resemble portholes.
Tom Dixon - Virgin Voyages - Interior Design
The interiors of the Pink Agave are decorated by Dixon’s Design Research Studio
The entrance of the The Test Kitchen features the use of the periodic table to simbolize elements connected to the cruise that also work as light fixtures. The interior design was in charge of Concrete Amsterdam.
The restaurant is remarkable for its light as well as for its metalic motifs that bring the element of sophistication and luxury into the cruise’s interior design. It gives the restaurant a sense of a laboratory, making the act of eating an experience in itself.


The Manor was the name chosen by Branson for his cruise’s nightclub.  The Roman and Williams Building and Interiors put together the interior design of this area. This is the same company that decorated the residences of movie stars like Kate Hudson and Ben Stiller and oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Manor  is a clear homage to Branson’s past, since his first adventure in music occured in the now extinct Manor Studio in Oxford.
The gold and green tons of its decore make this place a luxurious bright space to have a particularly fun night.

Health/Gym area

It was indespensible for the team to create a space that would not neglect the health of the passengers. Bearing this in mind, they created the B-Complex which translates to Build, Burn, Bike and Balance. This space will also have a spa, a hydrotherapy pool, a mud room and cold plunge pools, only to name a few.

A preview of the B-Complex on board of the Scarlet Lady

Among other comodities, the cruise will also include The Athletic Club outdoor lounge, a rooftop and a dock. One of the main goals of this experience is the reduction of plastics. Therefore the use of plastic bootles, food packing, straws or any other use of plastic by the passengers is forbidden.

 A maritime experience

Inspired by Richard Branson’s cruise ship, BRABBU presents you some interior design ideas that could perfectly fit as decore for a cruise or a yatch.



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