Fourth of July: The Best Trends for the American Holiday

July kicks off in the right away for all the North American countries. More than it being Summer season – which is on its own cause enough for celebration – Independence Day opens the seventh month of the year on Fourth of July!

Embracing the holiday spirit and welcoming all the patriotic feels, BRABBU has created an indispensable guide to help celebrate this big US Holiday in the best manner! These are the interior design ideas and trends that guarantee you the right Blue and Red inspiration to give your home the holiday makeover!


Fourth of July

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On Fourth of July, the trending colors are without any doubt Blue and Red! The clothes, the delicious cakes and sweets spread around the house, the fireworks, the parades. Everything is red. Everything is blue. That is why your home decor needs to be on point and matching with everything else.

If hosting the barbecue for family and friends, it is mandatory to have a decoration that matches the spirit of everyone on the Fourth of July Weekend.

You simply cannot go wrong with Blue and Red on this Independence Day!

Blue is a cool and calming color that shows not only creativity but intelligence as well. It symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Because of its relaxing aspect, it has the capacity of transforming any home decor project into a comfortable space.

Fourth of July



Red is a bold color that breathes confidence and power. It is a warm color that evokes a strong sense of passion, lust, blood and energy – a great color to steal the attention from others and to stand out. On a flag, it is a symbol of pride and strength! Guarantee to spice up any home decor.

Fourth of July  

Fourth of July

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Follow through with these design trends and turn your home into the right place for the holiday celebration. And, of course, Happy Fourth of July!

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