Discover BRABBU’s new High-End Design Furniture Releases

BRABBU has kept the promise and released some new and innovative high-end design furniture pieces, presented for the first time at Maison & Objet September and with the guaranteed presence in Maison & Objet 2018 in January. From this moment on any design enthusiastic can fall in love with the brand’s 9 new original designs, that embody the fierceness and nature inspiration of BRABBU itself.

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As is already standard for BRABBU’s collection, there are two new families of products to transform every interior and any room with the same powerful atmosphere. Meet the HUANGs and the LATZAs.

Discover BRABBU's new High-End Design Furniture Releases

HUANG Family

The HUANG family is composed by a sophisticated sideboard and cabinet that reinvent the magnificence of mountains. These two new designs were inspired in the Chinese Huang mountain known for its glory and splendor. These features are now everlasting and can be felt in every detail of the cabinet or sideboard. The wood veneer or brass work made by hand add personality to the pieces and make of them the perfect solution for a modern interior design decoration.

Discover BRABBU's new High-End Design Furniture Releases

Discover BRABBU's new High-End Design Furniture Releases

LATZA Family

The LATZA is a table family that has come to renovate the most contemporary living room interior design. Both the side and center table remind us of a pyramid of stones beautifully conceived to reinterpret the ones found on the shore of Lake Baikal. They represent a new modern concept of sophistication with its unique design. Also made by hand, as all pieces by BRABBU designed, they feature a top in walnut root veneer with a matte varnish and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass.

Discover BRABBU's new High-End Design Furniture Releases

And more exciting news…

But this is not all. Welcomed to BRABBU’s family are other 5 pieces such as the extraordinary MAMBU Bookcase, the OMBAK Wall Light, the revigorated DOLMEN & NOAKI Stools and the stunning PLATEAU Dining Table. These pieces are inspired and embody the strongest features of some of the world’s most inspiring materials and wonders, such as Bamboo, the megalithic tombs, the monolithic statues of Easter Islands or the Monument Valley, in Arizona.

Discover BRABBU's new High-End Design Furniture Releases Discover BRABBU's new High-End Design Furniture Releases

These new 9 pieces promise to keep assuring the sophistication and elegance of the brand’s design and essence as they support the statement developed by the BRABBU: a design force that embraces and provides an intense way of living.

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