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Anna Muravina Design

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Anna Muravina is one of the best Russian interior designers of contemporary and modern interior house design. Her professional career path is almost 20 years by now. Throughout all this time the collection of her works has been growing and includes projects for interior house design and apartment decorations, luxurious restaurants all over Russia and Europe. Since the beginning of 2000, Anna Muravina has been sharing her valuable experience with young promising designers through reading lectures and providing training and workshops. Magazine Dom&Interier had a chance to meet with her for an exclusive interview and find out the answers for the most exciting questions and discovered her design inspirations.


interior house design inspiration with Anna Muravin

1-What was your biggest motivation to become an interior designer?

Since the early childhood, before going to sleep I have always imagined how the room would look like if I moved the furniture in this or that way. I was thinking a lot about how to renovate my apartment and what could be changed.

2-What do you like the most about your job?
Every new day is like no other day before. Spontaneity, freedom, and art – those are the things I love my job for.

3- What was the most extraordinary project you have ever worked on?
If by “extraordinary” you mean something like a tree fort or a restaurant in a submarine, I would have to say, unfortunately, I have never worked with something like this. When talking about the creative task, I am always trying to think out of the box and forget about commonplace decisions. This is why every project is unique in its own kind.

interior house design inspiration with Anna Muravina

4-Where do you get your design inspiration?

It’ s always with me. You don’t need to do anything for this. In my head, there are always thousands of ideas which are born from everyday life: from music which I listen to, from dance moves, from meetings with people, from travel and outdoor activities.

5-If you had a chance to create an interior house design for a celebrity / a historical person, who it would be and why?

It’s difficult to answer, I am not inspired by people whom I do not know personally.

6-Do you have favourite materials, brands which you like to work with the most?

I absolutely love natural materials and their combination, for example, tree, stone, and metal. But also, I like when eternal and ageless materials deal with something momentary, such as plastic or transparent plexiglass. In this collision, there is a lot of design potential.

interior house design inspiration with Anna Muravina

7- What international events and exhibitions do you like to attend?

I regularly visit Maison&Objet, High Point Market and sometimes Milan and London.

8-Which tendencies in the world of house design interior are waiting for us in the next 5 years? What do you think?

Midcentury modern style is not exhausted yet, and I think that new and new sides of this style will appear.

interior house design inspiration with Anna Muravina

9-What is your favourite style of interior decoration?
I believe that in the 21st century it is not to the point to talk about distinctive contemporary styles. Because whatever we do in design, it will be called eclectic. And the more diverse is the mix, the better. And more interesting it looks. Original design interiors – this is the new trend to be discussed. But if one looked for a definition, it would be called a “midcentury modern style”.

10-Portuguese brands are among trends nowadays. What are our thoughts about them, taking as an example BRABBU?

I visited Porto a few months ago, and I had a wonderful chance to watch the production process of the brand BRABBU. I cannot express myself with words! I was amazed by the conditions created for the designers to work on ideas for the unique furniture pieces. Moreover, produce-ability and careful approach to details during the manual work, which takes a lot of the time of creation. I have adored this brand even before this visit, but now I am absolutely in love with BRABBU. And to be honest, it is design inspiration and my dream to make my own design piece in collaboration with BRABBU.


interior house design inspiration with Anna Muravina

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