10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

Be ready for an worthwhile trip to germany to find out about the most famous interior designers in the country of great art was born. You will be left alone with incredible german top interior designers that might inspire your interior design portfolio, filled with modern interior design and contemporary interior design.


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JOI-Design brings to life luxurious hotels around the globe without denying the team’s German heritage. Shaped by the principles of European culture, authenticity and contemporary elegance, the company ‘s projects are the proof of firm belief that outstanding design is a hotel’s best concierge.


10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

The team of INpuls is ready to accompany projects from setting the strategic framework, conceptualizing ideas, designing in all details through to the final implementation according to the highest quality standards. In addition, they work the interior design itself, the final product and they establish communication initiatives. Every project is unique to INpuls. Rely on professionals.


10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

What do you think about light in general? The well-known company Flos considers that light is the substance to express new ideas and illuminate unexplored emotions. The company is always in the process of improvement, connecting itself with masters of design and discovering new talents. For Flos, experimentation opens the way to new innovations.


10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

Being involved in the interior design for 10 years already, KITZIG INTERIOR DESIGN is based on their main principles – clarity and structure, value for money and economic efficiency. The focus of the company lies in the area of the Hotel industry/Catering trade as well as in the production of tailor-made concepts for the design’s Shops and Retailers.

Philipp Mainzer

10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

The office of the company is led by architect and product designer Philipp Mainzer, who employs a diverse team of skilled architects and designers. The team of Philipp Mainzer works internationally on commercial, residential and cultural projects providing interior design, exhibition design as well as product and furniture design services for both the public and the private sector.


10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

Are you looking for an interdisciplinary architecture office for structural engineering and interior design? Heikaus is the solution you need. We develop innovative concepts and support them from design to implementation. Furthermore, each of their projects represent an individual solution and wishes of the customer.

Ippolito Fleitz Group

10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

Located in Stuttgart, Ippolito Fleitz Group is a multidisciplinary and international design studio. Ippolito Fleitz Group makes solutions, which help everyone to become a well-directed part of the whole and yet something absolutely unique.

Jangled Nerves

10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

Jangled Nerves consists of 40 employees who bring together all the expertise and services of a creative design agency. The company has a consultancy planning for museum and exhibition design and a production office for films, media, and interaction.

Patrick Treutlein

10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

Spatial planning and interior architecture are more than just spaces for Patrick Treutlein and his team. More than the furnishing of furniture and selection of living accessories. More than simple decoration and creative design ideas.

Each room is above all a habitat. A habitat in the middle of the man stands – with
His needs and requirements, his desires and dreams. But especially with his personality. And it is precisely in this space that the interior architecture should capture and reflect.


10 Famous Interior Designers in Germany You Must-Know

The aim of ATELIER BRÜCKNER is to create new compositions, a smooth dialog between form and content and the unbiased application of the design elements like space, graphics, light and media.


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