Design Talks with Julia Schmit, Rado Star Prize Nominee

Design Talks are back on business. Today, we have the pleasure to share with you an interview with the french designer Julia Schmit, which was this year appointed to the Rado Star Prize at Paris Design Week, ending up in second with her book shelf design “Compo”.

1. These days it is important to don’t wait for an opportunity but actually create your own. That’s why, we believe, Julia Schmit created her own design agency. Can you tell us how your design agency began and its design philosophy?

Julia Schmit: My goal has always been to work a few years in an agency, to gain work experience in order to create my own agency in the future. With the economic climate, it is very difficult to find a job , especially in our business. This is why in December 2014 when we had the opportunity to do a house project on our own, we decided to take our courage in both hands with Anne, a school friend and start the adventure a little earlier than expected, JUNE (JUlia-ANne) agency was born.

design talks paris design week rado star prize Julia Schmit

Julia Schmit

We are a young agency where we made sure that our age is our strength. We are very complementary, we have each our style and our way of working, which I think is a real plus for our customers, because I think we are more effective. What we look for is simplicity, efficiency, and the touch that makes our customer can find himself in our work.

2. We first met your work as a designer, where you’ve got your book shelf “Compo” nominated for the “Rado Star Prize” on Paris Design Week 2015. How did you reacted when you discover that your work was nominated for an award, in one of the most important design weeks in the world?

Julia Schmit: This was a great surprise for me . To be honest, I had even lost a little bit of hope for my book shelf. More than  a year passed since I started to look for an editor. So, when I knew I was appointed for the Rado Star Prize at Paris Design Week 2015, I was very flattered and regained confidence in me and in this project.

design talks paris design week rado star prize Julia Schmit

3. How do you think this kind of awards help young and talented designers in their upcoming careers?

Julia Schmit: It helps to be highlighted in the media. It allows that public noticed us, and that’s for sure the most important.

4. Can you share with us the ideas, design & production process behind the “Compo” Book shelf?

Julia Schmit: I worked on this project in my graduation year. I really wanted to do something scalable and modular. Nowadays, with small spaces, the modular furniture imposes itself as the great alternative. Explaing the design process: first, I looked for shapes that would allowed me to modulate as simply as possible, that’s why the geometric shapes were the first in which I thought; still, I wanted to do something unique, different, so I challened myself to draw new forms and I must say it wasn’t a easy task.

design talks paris design week rado star prize Julia Schmit

5. The “Compo” book shelf ended up in the second place, right after the Living Boutique by Pich Tripasai. In our opinion, we would prefer to have your book shelf to store our books in the most beautiful and incredible way possible. What you’re think about Pich’s Living Boutique and what made his work win the golden medal? 

JS: I loved the work he has done around different kind of materials, especially porcelain. He chosen to make a series of items, and I think it was here that he excelled. This complementarity and diversity of objects.

6. If you had to made a preview of the interior design trends 2016, what would you say?

JS: It is subjective. We don’t like to store trends in boxes. We seize the vision of freedom in design, full of new surprises.

design talks paris design week rado star prize Julia Schmit

APPARTEMENT L by JUNE Architecture

7. What you think that makes the French design one of the most well known in the world?

JS: French design is one of the most well known for historic reasons. We left a mark in Design history and this continues to reflect nowadays. Thanks to our predecessors and the melted cultures of our continent, French designers managed to full-­‐filled creation, details and finish.


8. The products that you develop in your agency are made by small French and Portuguese craftsmen. It seems that there is a connection between craftsmanship and high-end design. Is it in this sector that you want to establish your work?

JS: It’s mandatory for us to work with craftsmen. We like the idea of sharing the evolution of our work and doubts with the wisdom and skills of craftsmen. In fact, we strive as much as possible to work with young people. It’s a long process, to choose the right craftsman, but we have to find it if we want to develop a high quality work.

design talks paris design week rado star prize Julia Schmit

APPARTEMENT Q by JUNE Architecture

9. June Architecte’ goal is to bring personality into a space. What makes a space have the right personality for each person/client, and what you do to achieve this?

JS: We take the time to hear and talk with our clients, understanding their tastes and needs. Then, we weave our concept around the desires of our client. It’s teamwork. We hear and share everyone’s ideas in order to create a unique and original atmosphere.

10. Now, last question. The one that we always do. Choose three BRABBU’s pieces that you most like and let us know why.

JS: INCA 2 Seat Sofa, MOAI Wall Light and LURAY Side Table (from left to right in the picture below). I love the materials used and specially the mixture between several materials. And because they would be the perfect items for my new apartment.

design talks paris design week rado star prize Julia Schmit

Thank you Julia Schmit for this lovely interview and for sharing with BRABBU’s blog readers your story and vision on design on our rubric Design Talks.

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