Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design

ARCHYSTYLE  proudly  presents  BREATHTAKING  #design  of   one  of  the  #MOST DESIRED  movie  INTERIORS  of the year!  Take  a  closer  look  of  Christian  GREY`s   fabulous  penthouse that suits the taste of refined young BILLIONAIRE!


Just one day before the most romantic day of the year, on February 13th,  in movie theaters around the world comes the long-awaited film “Fifty shades of grey“ a film adaptation of the eponymous bestseller that has become a global phenomenon. Trilogy “Fifty Shades“ has been translated into 51 foreign languages and sold more than 100 million copies of printed or ebooks which makes it one of the fastest-selling edition in United Kingdom of all time. 

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design1

Inspired by the classic elegance and style that suits the taste of refined young billionaire, David i Sandy Wasco, experienced Hollywood set designers skillfully created ambience of a luxury world that perfectly fits the character of Mr. Grey for one of the most anticipated films of the year “Fifty shades of grey“.

“His spaces are tightly controlled, the art and furnishings, the architecture, all deliberately chosen with an undeniable sophistication but completely devoid of feeling other than an isolated aloofness.”
David Wasco, production designer for Vanity Fair

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design2

Brands BrabbuBoca Do Lobo,  Koket & DelightFull are in the world of furniture an epitome of luxury, exclusive design and quality. Their fantastic, provocative and seductive pieces of furniture were selected to illustrate the modern lifestyle of Mr. Grey in the movie “Fifty shades of grey“,  timeless pieces of furniture that perfectly match the story, and bring passion and give a personal touch to every scene.

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BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. We design and produce a diverse range of furniture, case goods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art and accessories that tells stories from the nature and the world.

Raw forms emphasize the wild nature in an elegant way and are perfectly blended with clear lines, elegant materials and modern interior design of of Mr. Grey’s apartment.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design4

Elegant form of EANDA armchair which is asymmetrically placed in the hall ambient emphasizes the passion of love relationship in a beautiful combination of ebony and finest grey satin.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design5

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design6 VELLUM wall lamp in hammered brass represent the elegance of nature, which is transformed in the hands of man. Symmetrically placed emphasize the natural harmony and love between men & women.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design7 Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design8

AVENUE folding screen is perfectly luxurious detail that is discreetly highlights besides the majestic staircase. In symbolic play of light and shadow mystical are accentuated asymmetric panels create a geometric mosaic of different materials and processing embedded into a harmonious whole.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design9

“Anna`s  world is the sweet charming existence and the Cristian`s world is huge volume in that apartment  just creates the difference of two worlds I how they collide‚‚
Sam Taylor Jonhson, director for Harpers Bazaar

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design10

SEQUOIA table highlights the powerful character of Mr. Grey & through the symbolism of belonging to the largest and highest. Accentuated texture and rings on the tabletop symbolize the transience of time and the body of the table of polished brass represents eternity. 

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design11


BOCA DO LOBO exclusive pieces of furniture are exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging & a state of mind. Passionately inspired with love and handcrafted in Portugal by talented craftsmen who hand-made each piece. Artisan’s wisdom gained years of experience they skillfully combined with traditional making furniture and modern technological methods of processing materials producing pieces of furniture that have become synonymous with timeless luxury.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design12

Inspired by music extravagant sideboard SYMPHONY emphasizes the collision of two worlds, by contrast of sophisticated golden shine and deep black.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design13

 “The quality of Christian’s art collection was very important to Sam, as it had to reflect his status, his connoisseurship, and his youth.”
David Wasco, production designer for Vanity Fair

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design14

The dark surface of the marble floor and white walls point out the sophisticated pieces of furniture & collection of modern art in style of young billionaire.

The dramatic and edgy design esthetics pieces of brand KOKET highlights strong character, passion and love through every detail. Founder and creative director Janet Morais is an inspiring blend of fashion and design turned into haute couture pieces of furniture with the the energy of New York and the glamor of Paris.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design15

Extravagant design console BURLESQUE inspired by the French cabaret. Acrobatics of polished brass loops & spins are paired with black  leather symbolically portrays the relationship Christian and Anna.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design16

DELIGHTFULL`S lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind and a strong emotions that are present in each detail. Original hand-made masterpieces transfer the passion and devotion for design and beauty.

Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design17

Clean lines, miniature forms, rhythmic compositions with many black detail of the floor lamp IKE bring the spirit of luxury and perfectly complements the contrasting modern artwork in blue tones.

  Fifty Shades of Fabulous Design18


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