Covet International Awards set to Elevate Design and Craftsmanship ⇒ The Covet International Awards were created with the main purpose of celebrating and elevating the arts & crafts by electing the most prestigious interior design projects. These coveting awards were also born from a passion to thrive and revive the arts that are seemly being forgotten, therefore, bringing their valuable legacy to our […]

  • ART Mebel Hotel is a Guarantee of Quality Control and Optimal Prices

    The company “ART Mebel Hotel“, located in Moscow, Russia makes complex furnishing of interiors on a turn-key basis. Specialists of the company develop a unique design, select furniture, textiles, and decor. The company specializes in equipping hotels, as well as cafes, restaurants, hostels, etc. See also: Carlisle: The Solution of the Interior Design At ART Mebel […]

  • Do You Need to Fully Furnish Your House? Choose DECORACIA!

    Furniture salon “Decoracia” has a very convenient location, not far from the center of Moscow, Russia. It presents kitchens, furniture, and accessories of European brands, samples of facades and materials, as well as the latest catalogs of leading European factories. The company was founded more than 15 years ago and since its foundation is the official […]

  • AK Interiors with Chic in Every Detail

    AK Interiors is an architecture and interior design studio located in Moscow (Russia), which portfolio includes not only the design of apartments in Moscow and throughout Russia, but also villas in France and Montenegro, a restaurant and apartments in Ukraine, apartments in the UK and Cyprus and many other projects. See also: Meet the best Furniture […]

  • ADD Bureau – Royal Aesthetics in Every Element of the Interior

    ADD Bureau (Architecture Design Decoration bureau) was founded in 2005 by Inna Zavyalova. Currently, the company has two offices, one in Moscow (Russia) and the second in St. Gallen (Switzerland). In general, the bureau deals with interiors, although sometimes it implements architectural projects. See also: The Ultimate Interior Design Trends for 2019 In order to evaluate the work […]

Wimberly Interiors: The Unique and Cosmopolitan Design Experience

Wimberly Interiors “Immersing Every Guest In A Unique Story” See also: Etch Design Group: Eclectic Residential Design Featuring BRABBU With more than 70 years of design expertise, WATG and Wimberly Interiors has grown into the world’s leading design consultants in the hospitality industry. Spread around the globe, their goal is to create original and imaginative interiors […]

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