• Everything you need to know about BDNY

    This year marks the 9th anniversary of the Boutique Design New York. The BDNY is one of the most astonishing trade shows in the world. It’s a fantastic reunion of hospitality design professionals that has the power to reach the East Coast, Canada and Europe. The event has been growing immensely in the last five […]

  • Take A Rarefied Tour of New York's Furniture Showrooms
    Take A Rarefied Tour of New York’s Furniture Showrooms

    Furniture Showrooms > An outstanding tour of New York Showrooms featuring BRABBU‘s products! <   See also: Meet Lucinda Loya: The Designer Behind LLADRÓ’s Fall Transformation New York City is more often than not the chosen city for brands to showcase their products and get the stamp approval of the biggest influencers and design professionals on their designs. With showrooms and […]

  • Get your Agenda Ready: imm Cologne in January!

    In 2019 the world of design will welcome another major event: the imm Cologne. And what better way to start the year? The furnishing trade show promises to present not only the best of german interior design, but also the best of design worldwide. Hundreds of brands will be present, among which BRABBU. Suppliers of […]

  • Top 10 Most Dazzling modern center tables for your Living Room

    A center table is always one of the main focus in any living room. Having this in mind, we bring you ten of the most outstanding modern center tables for any living room. These tables are not just mere decor objects: they are functional and aesthetical artifacts. See also: 20 Best Modern Chairs to Watch […]

  • Africa – Top 5 of the Best Artists

    The land on which one men made their first steps, on which one we find nowaday some of the most splendid landscapes of the world and where culture is drowned under an unlimited wealth, is on the front line. Africa. The colorfull continent didn’t had an easy life and the african young generation need a […]

Meet Lucinda Loya: The Designer Behind LLADRÓ’s Fall Transformation

Lucinda Loya Interiors  >> The Texas Designer Behind Lladró’s Big Showroom Fall Transformation << Lladró’s brand new remodel showroom has officially opened doors in their new suite at D & D Building with a marvelous grand opening at Fall Market 2018. A project designed by Texas Interior Designer, Lucinda Loya featuring pieces from BRABBU and some […]

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