Water light graffiti

Simply put, “Water Light Graffiti“, an installation sprung out of DigitalArti Artlab in Paris, was a surface on which passers-by could leave ephemeral messages. More specifically, it was a panel made of thousands of LED lights which are moisture-sensitive, meaning that all it took to sketch a message was a paintbrush, a water atomizer, a […]

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Grass made of gold

Craftwork made with grass, ray and straw exists since the medieval times. But in the last few years, artisans and designers from Brazil developed a new way to create pieces with these natural elements, is the art with golden grass. The name of this kind of grass already explains its special characteristics, it’s a material […]

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Steel Second Nature

“I have a primitive need – to give form. The feeling of belonging to surrounding environment gives me comfort. This is the moment when I can work freely. Without unnecessary and additional limitations. There’s just me, material, and the physics. I feel it’s purifying and, at the same time, a good chance to train ideas.” […]

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