Form Design Studio, Giving Amazing Shape to Interior Design

FORM Design Studio was founded by Joshua Rose and Rafael Kalichstein. The Studio strives to be an authority of taste and holistic living, harmonising the line between sustainable and beauty. Joshua Rose’s years in visual effects and production design for film and television, offer a unique and unparalleled perspective in the field of design. Rafael […]

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Modern Mid-Century, The Stylish Chapter of the Modern Interiors Book

Modern Mid-Century architecture and interior designs were created by people who believe in a simple and still sophisticated design, where all forms follow function. Flat roofs and ceilings and asymmetric appearance, with the use of wide glass and open rooms, providing the outdoors atmosphere to get inside. Modern Mid-Century products are simply well-designed objects with […]

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Celia Welch Interiors, Interiors Filled with Harmony and Peace

Celia Welch Interiors is a boutique interior design firm that specialises in full-residential design. The company’s designs are grounded by simplicity, captivated by the creative process, designing unique and elegant homes. Celia Welch Interiors evoke peaceful energy to the spaces they design, by grounding them to simplicity. Their homes capture a feeling of comfort and […]

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