Design Trends 22|23: New Minimalism, 90s Trends & Transparency

Design Trends 22|23 forecast consists of over 150 pages of inspirations across five macro-trends. With a selection of Colors, materials and patterns, including the most beautiful design projects, this new TrendBook is perfect for the design lover community. In this article, we had selected three of our favourite trends – 90s Urban, Transparency and New […]

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Fall Trends by Home’Society Magazine: The Latest Home Decor Tips

Fall trends by Home’Society Magazine are going to be today’s topic. When the purpose is to create environments filled with calm, warmth, and serenity, there are plenty of ways to elevate and redefine spaces. Warm Colours, blue shades, biophilic design, and marble accents are superb options to craft home décor, creating the perfect balance between […]

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Modern Midcentury Interiors: Harmonising Sleek Lines & Organic Shapes

Modern Midcentury Interiors are characterised by clean lines, gentle organic curves and adoration for different materials. This style consists of clean lines, where functionality is important, with slight ornamentation and the opposition of different and contrasting materials. This style is excellent for those who want to add authentic vintage styling to their projects, without having […]

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