Elegant Interior Designs by Visual Therapy Home

Elegant interior designs are something Visual Therapy Home is known for. Created by Visual Therapy co-founder Joe Lupo, Visual Therapy Home builds unique spaces around balance and proportion. Joe Lupo designs interiors believing that true style is harmony between antiques, vintage, contemporary and custom-made furniture. Being a curator at heart, the designer understands that each […]

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Simeone Deary Design Group, Holistic Interior Design Approach

Simeone Deary Design Group is an award-winning design firm established in 2002 by Lisa Simeone and Gina Deary. The Design Group is known to create boundary-pushing designs that evoke emotion, forge connections, and are as elegant as they are functional. Based in Chicago, Simone Deary Group combines worldly perspectives wh its Midwestern values, bringing to […]

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Architecture and Interiors With Classic Elegance by ZZ Architects

Architecture and interiors design with classic elegance is something that ZZ Architects are known for; the firm has a unique approach to interior and architecture design, offering a bespoke and intimate process of discovering each clients’ personal style. ZZ Architects has emerged as a leading full-service luxury architecture, interior design and decor firm from Mumbai, […]

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