• Monsieur Karl Otto Lagerfeld.

    Karl Lagerfeld was never speaking about death, he was defining it as a “disgusting”thing. A tribute ? No, thanks, we shouldn’t “encumber with rests”. However, as it is impossible to not speak about his departure, I invite you to speak about him but at the present time. What do you think about it ?   […]

  • TOP 5 : Asia is Inspiring BRABBU

    BRABBU is first of all inspired by the nature and by the cultures of the world. Consequently, it is an evidence to find Asia inspired pieces on the brand’s collection. With a millennium history, Asia is the birth place of several elementary inventions such as the paper, the powder and even the compass. The eastern continent […]

  • Design Inside – Best home interiors!

    Design Inside is a group of Interior Designers in Chicago and Milwaukee who are passionate about helping their clients solve their home design challenges. They believe that their clients should live with the best home interiors, in a space that they love being in, and want to help them achieve that goal. Over the years, their team […]

  • The Essex Collection: Where Fauna Meets Interior Design

    Butterflies are seen in Japan as the personification of a person’s soul. In animal kingdom, the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly is one of the most fascinating. This process is called metamorphosis and it was transported into the world of decoration through the ESSEX Collection – where Fauna meets Interior Design. See also: […]

  • 2019 Interior Design Trends: Rounded Shapes

    Circles have no beginning or end. They can represent the sun, the earth and the moon. They bring a sense of completeness. By adding the right design, this sense of movement can be used to its full capacity. The rounded shapes BRABBU presents here give a sense of femininity and warmth to the products. Come and discover some […]

Workshop/APD Amazing Chicago Historic Hotel Renovation

Workshop/APD owners Matt Berman and Andrew Kotchen were asked to help renovate one of Chicago’s most historic hotels a 1912 Michigan Avenue building and they immediately knew that this was and incredible oportunity especially because it was a bulding with a lot of character. Check out the story behind this Amazing Chicago Historic Hotel Renovation!     This […]

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Avenir Creative: The love for a unique design

Two designers from corporate and engineering backgrounds with shared love for a unique design and professional insight. Proudly based in Chicago and established in 2016 with a work space designed accordingly: Graceful, functional, and raw. “We’re knit tight—in people and process. We like knowing clients well, sharing real emotions and responding promptly. We’re passionate about our […]

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