Gulla Jonsdottir Design – Design With Environmental Conscious

Gulla Jonsdottir is an Architect Designer known for creating unexpected and marvellous, modern designs from her studio in Los Angeles. Notorious for her sensual and dynamic forms that work in harmony with their surroundings, Gulla’s Jonsdottir environmental compassion brings unique spatial experiences that harmonize with the surrounding site, always echoing the integration of organic beauty […]

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Covet NYC 2.0 – The Staging Furniture Project You Simply Cannot Miss

Covet NYC 2.0 is a new and improved floor and office model where twelve luxury brands showcase their best products in a wide range of design styles. This staging project promises to enhance everything that is outstanding in modern, classic, contemporary and eclectic design. Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, BRABBU, KOKET, LUXXU, CIRCU, PullCast, RUG’Society, Foogo […]

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Champalimaud Design – The Specialists in High-End Hospitality Design

Champalimaud Design was founded by Alexandra Champalimaud and is known for creating some of the best-renowned hotels and restaurants in the world. Alexandra Champalimaud is a full-service interior designer and interior planning firm specialising in bespoke, high-end hospitality and residential design. Alexandra Champalimaud was born and raised in Portugal, however, she studied in Switzerland and […]

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