Explore the brand-new 2023 Home’Society Showroom

Home'Society Virtual Showroom photo from the outside

A private invite to a one-of-a-kind experience. Welcome to the Home’Society Showroom featuring the fierceness of BRABBU, the elegance of MAISON VALENTINA and the artistry of RUG’SOCIETY.

Home’Society Showroom

All exclusive products in one place. This brand-new showroom with 4.000 square meters is immersed in the multifaceted northwest Portuguese city that combines an urban mindset with innovation and creativity, Oporto.

Home'Society Virtual Showroom orange velvet sofa with suspension light
In Home’Society Showroom you can find different BRABBU products

More than 2000 products from the 12 unique brands of Covet Group. BRABBU will be in the great highlight. Showcasing our high-end and exclusive products, one can do a tour through a display of pure luxury with the help of a specialised team with the means to help find the perfect solution for future projects.

Home'Society Virtual Showroom open space with different unique products of BRABBU
The most iconic products all in one place

Witness the excellence of Craftmanship. Offering a wide range of handmade furniture with BRABBU, bathroom goods with Maison Valentina and covering solutions with Rug’Society, Home’Society Showroom is the place to be inspired by high-end design.

Home'Society Virtual Showroom with Maison Valentina
Along with BRABBU, you can find the exquisite products of Maison Valentina and the unique rugs of Rug’Society

Some of BRABBU’s products to see first-hand

Home'Society Virtual Showroom brabbu's products
More than 2000 products in showcase
Home'Society Virtual Showroom brabbu's products
More than 2000 products in showcase

>> Want to visit the Home’Society Showroom? You can do it onsite or through a virtual meeting. Either way, you are just a click away to be delighted by this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Click here!

Home'Society Virtual Showroom photo from the outside

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