HUANG Collection: Wooden Sophistication

This article will explore one of BRABBU’s most traditional and detailed collections – the HUANG Collection. This extraordinary collection has some of the most sophisticated elements, perfect for any part of your home decor, from the bedroom to the office. Let’s uncover more about this collection.

HUANG Collection

Wooden touch of refinement

HUANG Mountains

HUANG Mountains are a complex mountain system in southern Anhui province, China. Mount Huangshan’s imposing scenery has inspired some of the most outstanding works of Chinese painting and poetry, as well as temple architecture. A Tang Dynasty legend from 747 describes the mountain as the site of the long-sought elixir of immortality’s discovery.

Our HUANG Collection

HUANG Collection is inspired by this seeking of immortality – this is a timeless collection with exquisite products that resemble function and modernity at its peak. The fine and outstanding details of each one of the products are what gives it the power to be such an extraordinary and wanted an element to have in one’s interior.

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HUANG Sideboard

huang collection modern sideboard

Huang is an eastern Chinese mountain range known for its breathtaking scenery. Our designers were inspired by this magnificence when they created the HUANG Sideboard. It has a walnut root veneer exterior, a rosewood veneer interior, and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass. This wood sideboard cabinet with drawers adds personality to any modern interior design.

huang sideboard

HUANG Bedside Table

modern bedroom huang bedside table

The bedroom is a very special and personal space. Selecting the most sophisticated and comfortable elements is required to create one’s unique oasis. With an outside in walnut root veneer, an inside in rosewood veneer and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass, the HUANG Bedside Table brings instant character to one’s modern bedroom interior.

huang bedside table

More inspiration

More inspiration

HUANG Cabinet

huang cabinet modern

Everyone wants to have an envious interior design in their homes: a space where everyone feels comfortable and accommodated but filled with one-of-a-kind products that fill the room with its exquisiteness. That is the example of the HUANG Cabinet – a modern wooden perfection full of character and perfect for almost every part of one’s home.

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