Modern Closet Design: Discover these Exquisite Inspirations

Modern Closet Design will be today’s topic. Since organization saves time and time is precious, creating a curated closet design is the key to your problems (especially, the morning ones). Shoes, jewellery, make-up, and clothing can all be found in the same location at the same time – so closets help to keep your bedroom and master bathroom clutter-free. in collaboration with HOME’SOCIETY, Let’s look at some of the best inspirations for the modern designs of this room?

Modern Closet Design

The Ultimate Trends by BRABBU X HOME’SOCIETY

Modern closet design with big supension light

This amazing closet design shows how less can be more in these types of rooms decor. Under the soothing light of NAICCA Suspension Light, the ELLA Puff just adds a touch of refined practicability.

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modern closet design

In a room that is so full, create a small space where you can check the way you look or just take a moment to breathe. It is the case of this small corner of a modern closet design – and our eyes instantaneity focus on the amazing KOI Stool.

modern closet design with an armchair

This modern closet design features a modern armchair that completely matches the energy and personality of the whole set. The INCA Armchair has a very elegant design that contrasts with the golden details of the CAY Mirror.


modern closet design with golden details

In a closet design, make sure you add a makeup vanity – these are made for our own self-care, and that is never enough. The SYMPHONY Vanity Table amazes everyone with its golden structure, along with the golden details and black upholstery of the NUI Stool.

modern stool

modern design with vanity dresser

You have already seen a vanity inspiration, but this one has a different essence. The neutral tones coming from the GOBI Rug and RUKAY Armchair fill the room with a relaxed energy that is so appropriate to a modern closet design.

modern closet design

This is what we can call the full-look modern closet (and also, everyone’s dream). With a neutral essence, this closet shows some of the most exquisite elements you can add to this type of room. We give detailed attention to the WALES Bench along with BRYCE Side Table that together creates a refined look yet comfortable and practical.

modern green closet design

This modern walk-in closet is distinguished by the use of earth tones, a variety of material choices in its furniture, and the textural quality of its upholstered furnishings. There is a strong inspiration for nature and its natural beauty and the fault is the unique design of the NOAKI Stool.

modern stool in green velvet

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