Unique Lighting Ideas for an Outstanding Living Room Design

Unique Lighting Ideas to create an outstanding Living Room Design will be today’s topic. Living Rooms are central rooms in every house division; it is the place where you can have some rest after a long stressful day but also where you can gather all your friends and family and spend a really great time. It is no wonder that living room design matters a lot to the set feeling. The way all the elements are connected will contribute to a better space use experience. More than a comfortable sofa, or a different armchair, you need light – a space that is well illuminated is the key to having a comfortable space where you want to spend time in. Som, today we will look into some ideas of the most unique lighting that will surely upgrade your living room design.

Unique Lighting Ideas

Create an outstanding Living Room Design

modern living room design with green stool and beige corner sofa

The neutral colour scheme paired with a natural tone of green in this living room decor creates a sense of harmony and freshness for everyone who enters this place. All the elements create this harmonised room, but the key element is the VELLUM Suspension Light. Inspired by ancient manuscripts, this hammered brushed aged brass suspension light adds sophistication to the whole set.

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contemporary living room design in brown shades

Because earth tones provide a calming and nurturing effect, they are always a good choice for your living area. The BORNEO Sofa in brown cotton velvet adds beauty and sophistication to this arrangement, while the SHINTO Rectangular Centre Table adds comfort and functionality. The lighting by the HORUS Suspension Light blends all the elements into this final look.

modern living room with orange sofa

This living room emits a delightful sensation of warmth, especially with our OTTER Sofa, which was inspired by otters and their ability to adapt to their surroundings. This sofa may be used in any space and is an important part of your interior design. The light of KOBEN Suspension Light totally illuminates the room. This modern suspension light has a structure that features details in brushed copper, perfect to give an unexpected touch to modern home decor.

living room design in warm tones with red armchair and golden crystal suspension light

Warm-up your living room design with an exceptionally cosy fireplace and BRABBU’s modern furniture pieces. This modern living room is the ideal place for a Sunday afternoon reading session, with only you and your intimate thoughts. More than the warmth coming from the fireplace, the elegant contrast that NAICCA Suspension Light adds to the room is just exquisite.

white living room design with two armchairs and white sofa

In a most-white living room design, you need to make bold moves with the rest of the decoration. When creating this space, choosing a completely different lighting design is crucial. The HORUS Suspension light, featuring a structure in matte black lacquered brass and shades in glass, is perfect for creating a grand reveal over any living room set.

mysterious living room design in pink tones

Pink is such a cute colour, but it is displayed most of the time in children’s bedrooms. In this living room, it exudes such elegant and sophisticated vibes, especially with these out of the ordinary lamps.

luxurious living room design with big crystal suspension light
luxurious living room design with big crystal suspension light

This high ceiling living room design is just amazing. Displaying neutral tones in different textures and elements creates this desirable luxurious look – but the attention goes all to the mesmerizing crystal suspension light.

modern luxurious green and gold detailed showroom

These huge suspension lights exude luxury, elevating any simple living room design into something bigger.

modern luxurious green and gold detailed showroom

This living room space sure does matches everyone’s dreams.

modern luxurious green and gold detailed showroom

This blacklight adds charisma to the living room set.

What a stunningly dashing and modern living space with green and gold details that is sure to leave everyone that sets foot in it in awe.

fierce living room design with golden details

This golden living room design has stunning golden details that make it incredible.

white and gold living room design

This exquisite living room design has such a bright essence – and all because the amazing suspension light.

modern grey living room design

This living room has such a comfortable and clean essence. The merge between the cosy sofas and the extraordinary floor lamp make it amazing.

rare golden living room design

Giving focus to out-of-the-ordinary elements in a living room design is a way of creating art in a very functional way. The sofa design completely matches the identity of the suspension light, making this living room looked beautiful.

black elegant living room design

Black is the never-out-of-date colour to a timeless and always elegant design. Embracing this colour in your living room design can do nothing but wonders.

contemporary living room design
Sandra Benhamou

In this living room, it is used raw materials, such as wood and metal. To bring a feeling of additional comfort, Sandra Benhamou bets on a green velvet sofa.

white and blue living room design
Sandra Benhamou

With a view of the magnificent city of Paris, this living room is arranged around a chimney, creating a perfect place to receive and socialise with family and friends.

modern living room with outstanding chandelier

This amazing living room design has the unique comfort of this sofa that matches the energy of the outstanding chandelier.

modern living room in golden shades

This living room has such an elegant aesthetic but the main focus is the extraordinary chandelier.

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